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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Turning point....

I haven't written, or even alluded to some issues we have been facing this year at TVC.  We have a new manager, our 3rd in three years.  We thought we had a keeper in our second manager, Duane, but alas it was not to be.  The corporation which owns TVC fired him during the winter and replaced him with a much young Robert.  Robert could be one of my children age wise.....not behavior wise.  He has a lot of good business attributes, and has done a lot of good things for TVC.  I like him personally, but to some degree due to his age he tends to gravitate towards the younger locals who work here, and seems to have different expectations of them than those of us who would be classified as mature adults......those of us who show up every day for our shift on time and then work our 8 hours with only a 30 minute lunch break.......we, by choice, don't take any breaks other than those of the restroom variety.  The younger gang routinely call in sick, or take without prior notice, unexpected days off leaving us dependable mature adults in a bind, and routinely take long breaks that extend to 30, or 40 minutes on occasion.   It has been a building source of irritation and out right anger (on my part) at times.  

A few days ago after what I considered, at the time, was a "straw that breaks my camel's back" I actually contacted Cape Blanco Ranger Greg Ryder to see if he had any open volunteer positions at the lighthouse beginning July 1st.  I was prepared to leave this Tuesday, June 28th, if his reply was positive, foregoing a summer of good income which we were counting on to fund our winter's travels on the east coast.  I also had feelers out to another campground in central Washington which was looking for a couple to augment their summer staff through Labor Day.  So, as you can surmise, I was dead serious about leaving.....something I just don't do, and we just haven't done in all the workamping jobs we have had over the past 4.5 years.

Robert got wind of our extreme dissatisfaction Friday morning (TLE and I) as well as our intent to leave, and asked to meet with us.  As we sat down I could tell he was quite anxious as, mostly unknown to us, he considers us indispensable......of course, in our opinion, we are, but based on Robert's behavior it seemed he could 'take us, or leave us' so to speak.  We told him we were sick of the double standard being applied, and he actually acknowledged the legitimacy of our accusation as well as our anger.  He apologized and promised to change his ways.....we accepted his apology, but advised him that apologies are cheap if not followed up immediately with action.  We agreed, reluctantly, to stay and give him a chance to change course.

Yesterday, Saturday, I received an e-mail from Grey Ryder at Cape Blanco advising he did indeed have two positions open at the lighthouse for the month of July.  I got a call from him shortly thereafter following up on his earlier e-mail, which I had just gotten and not had time to answer.  We love working for Greg, who in spite of his youth, is a great manager, and can be depended upon to do the right thing every single time.  So now, even though we were somewhat mollified about our current situation, and willing to give Robert a few days to change course, I was now conflicted once again and seriously considering still leaving Tuesday to we could be in Cape Blanco by July 1st.  I promised to get back to Greg no later than Monday morning to let him know if we are coming, or not.

Then, within an hour some information came to me about the reason why we could only locate 4 of 8 two way radios Saturday morning that set me off once again........and once again I was a heart beat, or two away from calling TLE on my two way radio and asking her to clock out so we could pack up and leave by Tuesday, if not sooner.......the only problem with that is I had just ordered, that very morning, a replacement awning arm for one of our elderly customers (Elizabeth is 93 years old and still RVing God bless her soul!) whose awing was damaged by the wind 10 days ago....I believe I wrote about that incident.  It is not scheduled to arrive here until July 7th.  Additionally, after talking with our other mature adult couples we just could not abandon them with the 4th of July weekend looming.

Ultimately, after a couple of hours of soul searching with TLE last evening after work we decided to give it one more month.  If nothing changes significantly in the next 30 days expect another blog post like this one, but with a different conclusion.  Are we at a 'turning point' here at TVC?  Only time will tell.

So, all that being said (I feel so much better now), what happened Saturday?  Not much....it was a relatively quiet day even though we are over 75% full.  One thing of major note, however, is the ditch between electrical pedestals 427 and 429 is now dug, and all that remains is to run the cable through the conduit pictured below, permanently connect the new cable to each pedestal, then bury it.......

......thank you Adam and Corey for digging that ditch in the heat of the day.....you are men among men!

There were no real problems in the park, just routine stuff.....I punched the clock at 4 pm, and TLE followed a half hour later after which had our heart to heart discussion.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What happened to the four radios?

    1. They eventually showed up about mid morning.....:-)

  2. You just outlined some of the key reasons why we never got a return call or the time of day from TVC. We would have worked our hearts out! Alas, things have a way of shaking out --- after all, we are volunteering at a beautiful State Park/Lake in Alaska this summer. Wishing you & TLE all the best!

    1. Will be interested in your experiences at the state park.

    2. Only positive so far. We too have hosted for Oregon (Humbug last year) and had a great experience!

    3. We were at Cape Blanco last year in September.....just up the street from Humbug.