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Friday, October 28, 2016

Bachelor Man - Day 2

6:23 am - Friday - 47 F degrees, humidity 89% (duh....it's been raining since yesterday morning.....shouldn't it be 100%?), wind - calm......I slept much better last night.  

Originally it was NOT supposed to rain on Thursday......that was the day I was going to finish a few more outside tasks both personal and work related.  I had planned to pull up the awning mat and let it dry out under the forecast partly cloudy skies......I had planned to move a few more site tag clips up to the pedestal doors in 'F'.....but then the rain came about 10 am, and all bets were off......I hoped this was just a fluke, and that it would just be a brief squall, but within an hour it was apparent that this was an all day event.

I reported for work about 9:30 am, spent some time talking with Miguel, then just as I was about to head down to the maintenance yard it began to sprinkle, which in short order turned into a downpour.....I've worked in the rain many times this summer, but Thursday, my last day of work at TVC, I had no desire to get wet, so I turned to an indoor project which TLE had left for me, and frankly had wanted done for a couple of months.....replace the final cash drawer in the registration desk.......

The new cash drawer

.....when things get postponed over and over again there is usually a good reason......this drawer would be the most difficult of the three to replace, and I was not looking forward to lying on the ground for an hour or so.  There were 6 wood screws holding the old cash drawer in place and none of them could be reached with my impact driver so it came down to old fashioned wrist action......lying on my back and trying to unscrew 6 screws which I could not see.....thankfully they were Phillips head screws, but it was difficult nonetheless.....I haven't had to contort my body in such a fashion in a long, long time.  Fortunately, the hard part was getting the old drawer out.....the new one went in much more easily, and by 11:30 I had declared victory.

By this time it was raining even harder, so I decided to spend time in the Grainger catalog looking up stuff for Adam to order for next season......trying to find stuff in a 4,000+ page catalog is very hard, so I ultimately pulled out my smart phone and went to the Grainger website to use their 'SEARCH ' option and found what I was looking for in short order.

By that time it was after 12:30, and I was getting hungry so I decided to call it a work day......

And the rain came, and came, and came.....

.....by the time I got my tools put away, plugged in the cart, and got inside I was pretty much soaked, so I hung up everything I was wearing, turned up the heaters, made a peanut butter and honey toasted sandwich and then took a hour nap.

By 2 pm I decided I needed to get out to the trailer and finish organizing the inside......I had three bags of tools to stow......when I arrived here April 3oth I had two bags of tools......yep, too many visits to thrift stores and flea markets this summer.  The nice thing is I used everyone of those tools I acquired this summer.  I did manage to find storage places for all the tools, then turned to re-installing the 'bike tite' I used to stow my grandson's bike three summers ago when we hauled his bike back to SoCal.....why?  Well, now we have to stow Amy's bike (the Motiv) so we can haul it back to SoCal for her.

By 4:30 I was about 95% done, and decided it was time to head back into the coach......I will finish the last 5%, including putting away a wet awning mat, solar lights, wheel covers, mirror covers, and windshield wiper covers on Friday.

So, now our 2016 sojourn here in South Lake Tahoe at Tahoe Valley Campground is rapidly coming to an end.  If you have been reading our blog since we got here April 30th you know what a roller coaster ride this season has been.  We almost left two days before the 4th of July weekend due to issues with our new manager and young millennials he had hired.....we had actually lined up two other job possibilities.....that's how serious we were about leaving. Ultimately we had a sit down with Robert, our manager, aired our concerns and decided to stay.  I have to say, from that point on Robert pretty much left running the day to day operations of the park to us, and went so far as to allow TLE and I to find workers for the 2017 season.  The last four months have been much better, and we are excited for next year's potential.   

In a little over 24 hours I will fire up the big Detroit Diesel 6V92, drive east along Lake Tahoe Blvd. through Stateline, up and over Spooner Summit taking the 9 mile downhill plunge into the Carson Valley for the last time in 2016.  TLE will fly back into Reno sometime Sunday, and by Monday we will be southbound on US 395 to SoCal where we will spend a month with our kids and grandkids.

It is now 7:20 am and it still looks like midnight outside......that is some heavy cloud cover! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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