Sunday, May 26, 2019

Real Saturday.....

7:16 am - Sunday - May 26th - Ramona, CA - 54° F, 81% humidity, wind - CALM (3 days in a row!)......heavy cloud cover this morning with a forecast of rain once gain, and a high of 57° F.....the view this morning......↴

It was wonderful to drive down the hill to work with blue skies and warming temperatures for the second day in succession.  After opening the storage yard, pool, and Red Barn I retrieved a Stihl hand blower from the tool shed and headed back up to the barn area to blow the leaves off each mini golf hole, and then up to the Red Barn to blow dirt and leaves off of all the concrete areas surrounding the structure.

When I went to check on the pool later in the morning I found someone had backed into the wooden pole fence that borders the parking area near the pool, breaking one of the vertical poles thereby scattering the 4 horizontal poles across the parking lot.  I went back to the tool shed to retrieve a length of rebar, wood screws and some plumber's tape.  I used the 3 foot length of rebar to support the broken vertical pole by pounding it into the ground next to the stump of the pole left in the ground, then placed the broken pole next to it and attached it to the rebar using the plumber's tape and screws.  Once that was done I reinstalled the 4 horizontal poles.  This is only a temporary fix as we will need to order a new vertical pole from the local lumberyard to replace the broken one.

Later in the day I received a call from TLE at the office that someone had reported a 'smoking' electrical pedestal in site #71 (right next to us!), so I headed up there wondering what I would find.  Fortunately, the neighbors had immediately disconnected the shore power from the RV parked in that site, and turned off the 30 amp breaker.  Rich arrived shortly after I did.....we examined the pedestal and could feel that the metal box was quite hot.  Luckily there is a separate 50 amp outlet near the pedestal so I retrieved my 50 to 30 amp adapter and plugged the customer's 30 amp plug into that one for the duration of the weekend.  Most of the 30 amp pedestals on this row will be replaced within the next 60 days for this very reason......many are beginning to fail after 50 years.  This is all part of the major electrical upgrade which began back in February, before we arrived.  After we reconnected power to the RV in site #71 I retrieved a couple of self tapping sheet metal screws from the supply building and screwed the pedestal 'door' shut to prevent further use.  This site has now become a 50 amp only site.

I spent the rest of my workday ensconced inside the supply building beginning the multi-day reorganization project.  Rich began to reorganize things about a month ago, but has been so busy he has not been able to finish, so he is letting me finish what he began.  This is the kind of project I relish, and Sunday will be a good day to really dive into it as it will be raining most of the day.

4 pm came quickly once again on Real Saturday, and within minutes TLE and I were on our way home.  This is the first time since we arrived that we have both worked 4 days in a row.  We are both loving our jobs, and enjoying being at RORVR* quite a bit!

I haven't talked in a while about how retirement has changed the way I view the days of the week.  When I retired back in 2011 every day felt like Saturday to me.  You know how back in your workaday life you would sometimes awake Saturday morning thinking it was a work day, and then within seconds remembered it was Saturday and you didn't have to go to work?  I loved that feeling of relief.  Now that I am retired (when we are not doing some seasonal job) every day feels like that, so I have renamed the typical Monday through Friday workdays.....Monday is now 1st Saturday, Tuesday is 2nd Saturday, and so forth.  Hence Saturday is now called Real Saturday......Sunday, of course, will always just be Sunday.  I learned quickly when I retired that you never go to the hardware store on Real Saturday, or on's just too crowded.....the best day to go is 2nd Saturday (Tuesday), when you are not competing with all the workaday folks.

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*RORVR = Ramona Oaks RV Resort

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  1. My Husband has been sharing your blog w me. We enjoyed reading how your workday goes but I am also interested to learn about how your wife spends her day. Within a year or year and a half we hope to be on the road and work camping.