Thursday, October 30, 2014

Top to Bottom...

A few weeks ago Paul and Nina switched a couple of shifts with us enabling us to drive up to Spokane to visit my mother.  Wednesday was the day we began to reciprocate that kindness, which meant we would work both the 'top' and 'bottom' shifts, and what a mystical feel this day had.  We arrived at the gate just before 10 am, and were up in the lighthouse by 10......we woke up to a fog, and the same condition continued as we opened for business......we could not see the greeting center from the lighthouse initially, but over the 5+ hours the fog came and went.....

 'In' rolled in and out at about the same rate as the visitors all we had about 20 people take the tour to the 'lantern room', and before we knew it we were done with our last tour about 3 pm, and home by 3:20.....about as easy as it gets.


Whenever we get within a few days of rolling our wheels we tend to spend our time in anticipation of that day, and tend to become home bodies.  We've already done most of the packing and organizing that needs to be done on Monday, so now it is just a matter of executing our extraction from the gravitational pull of the "White Cape".

Of course, we watched game 7 of this year's installment of the World Series in which the Giants prevailed 3-2 with their ace pitcher, Madison Bumgarner, pitching 5 shutout innings to close out the game.  This was one of the truly historic performances by any pitcher ever in the World Series....he was credited with the win in three of the four games the Giants won to clinch the title.

We watched 'Survivor', and then TLE watched several recorded cooking shows before we called it a night......Friday afternoon we roll!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wonderful redundancy

It's not like Tuesday was much different from most of our days the past 10 days......the wind blew and it rained, but there is something wonderfully redundant about this weather if you like blustery, rainy weather, and we are most definitively in the "YES" column on that score. 

Tuesday began with wind and rain, but around 11:30 there was a break, and being the opportunists we are we decided to take a walk on 'south beach' and, hopefully, return to the dry, warm confines of our coach before the rain came once again.

All bundled up against the weather

We decided to walk southward into the SE wind and, therefore, have the wind at our backs for our return.  We noticed a lot of the large driftwood logs had been pushed further up the beach towards the bluffs, so the waves and tide the night before must have been something to behold.  The beach itself was just this smooth (see above) as far as the eye could see.

Sure enough, just as we reached the road to begin our climb back to the campground it began to sprinkle, and just after we closed the door to our coach it began to rain again with some urgency.  We had left the two electric heaters on when we left for our walk, but had to turn them off for about an hour after returning as we were all heated up from that 1/4 mile climb up from the beach.

We spent the rest of the day listening to the ubiquitous rain on the roof, reading, napping and basically just enjoying being in the moment.

At 5 I turned on game six of the World Series which saw the Royals even the series at 3 games a piece by defeating the Giants 10-0!  I don't really have a 'dog in this hunt', but who doesn't love a 'game 7'?  One way, or another this series will be decided Wednesday evening!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

First Saturday - Last things

Monday we officially said "until next time" to Paul, Nina and Polly who rolled their wheels for the first time in two months about mid morning for points all will be missed....hope to hook up with you in a few weeks!

It was a beautiful day for driving, and the perfect day for packing up to leave.....unfortunately it appears that will be the last dry day this week....... a result of the weather forecast (and don't I hope it is a little bit wrong!) I began packing up for our Friday afternoon departure on Monday.  There is nothing I dislike more than leaving a campsite in the rain, but there is no point in waiting another day, or two when the forecast shows rain for the next 10 days!

By 11:30 I had done quite a bit of work outside (with TLE's help) in putting away the outside stuff, and had done a lot inside the trailer to get it ready to receive the VW on Friday, so we decided to drive north to Bandon one more time for a few 'last things'.  One of the 'last things' for us was to have lunch at Tony's Crab Shack (fish tacos for moi, and crab cakes for TLE).....these fish tacos with a little 'Slap Ya Mama' sprinkled on  for good measure will make you weak in the knees.

Fish tacos with 'Slap Ya Mama' hot sauce....OMG!

 One last view of the Coquille River Lighthouse

After lunch we walked around town visiting a few of the shops before heading back to the car and drive just up the street to 'Face Rock Creamery' for some more of their wonderful ice cream.

You know how back in your workaday life when you were on vacation and you always wished you had a few more days to revisit all your favorite places, but there just wasn't time?  Living for 2 months in one place is one of the benefits of the nomadic lifestyle, and gives you all the time in the world to visit, and revisit your favorite spots as oft as you wish.....and that is what we did this day.  After our ice cream fix we headed for Ray's Food Place to stock up on a few items, and then began our trek back south to the Cape, but not before stopping one 'last time' at our favorite junk shop.  There was nothing this day that we could not live without, but it was cool to walk down the isles looking at their junk.  Next up we stopped at the Langlois Market to buy the rest of their Samuel Adams 22 oz. Organic Chocolate Stout.

We were back by 4 pm, and whist TLE put away our spoils from Ray's Food Place I headed back out to the trailer to continue putting stuff away, and by 5:30 it was pretty much ready to receive the VW on Friday.

Of course, it was Monday and means MNF (Monday Night Football) and on this particular evening MNF pitted the Washington Red Skins against the Dallas Cowboys.  It was a very close game, and actually went to overtime with both teams tied at 20-20......the Redskins prevailed, in the end, 23-20.  The game could have gone either way.....condolences to my numerous Dallas Cowboy friends.

We spent the rest of the evening watching Scorpion, NCIS L.A., and then Castle before heading to bed just before midnight......another day lived well with no regrets.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

And then there were two.....

6 Amigos

On September 3rd we were 'six', and then on October 1st we were 'four', and as of the 26th we are 'two'.  Sunday morning was the last shift for Paul and Nina, and when we relieved them at 12:30 their tour of duty at Cape Blanco Lighthouse was complete for this season........then we were 2.

Then we were 4

The last two standing

On one hand it 'feels' like we have been at Cape Blanco for months and months, and then again it seems as if it was only a week, or two ago that we arrived.  As is often the case in the nomadic lifestyle you find yourself saying 'until next time' on a semi regular basis.  Our time spent here with long time friends Chris and Cherie, and getting to know Paul, Nina and Polly has been very special, and will continue to be at the forefront of our memories for a long time to come.  We are so grateful to have had this opportunity to volunteer for two months here at the Cape, and for wonderful opportunity to have experienced the rugged beauty of this area.  

Sunday was the diametric opposite of Saturday.......sunny, warm, and relatively windless here at the Cape.  As I previously mentioned, we relieved Paul and Nina at 12:30 for our 'bottom shift'.  Up to 12:30 they had about 18 people visit the lantern room, and we probably had another 20+ in the afternoon.....just enough to keep us busy.  The views were spectacular and I just had to take one more big panorama shot taking in the Port Orford Heads down towards Bandon.

Monday will be another 'dry' day, and I will probably spend the better part of the day getting the trailer packed up for departure Friday afternoon as it is supposed to rain Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

There was a lot of great televised NFL games Sunday, and first up was the Atlanta Falcons vs. Detroit Lions playing in London, England which must have started around 5:30 am PST, and the day ended around 9 pm with the end of the Greenbay Packers vs. New Orleans Saints.  

For dinner we had some really good lasagna and I opened up an interesting beer left by Krash and Karen called Tres Blueberry Stout (Dark Horse Brewing, Marshall, Michigan), what a pleasant surprise!  Thank you Krash and Karen!

Our time is short here at the Cape......only a few more sunsets, a few more walks on the beach, and 3 more shifts until we roll the wheels south!

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cat 1?

According to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale we experienced Category 1 winds on Saturday here at Cape Blanco (sustained winds of 74-95 mph).  Based on the anemometer website for Cape Blanco that is what we had for an hour, or so, in the early morning hours.

The high winds combined with, at times, torrential rain made for one scary time, but by 11:30 the winds began to subside, although they remained in the 'gale force' (39-54 mph) category for much of the afternoon.  Two of our wheel covers came off, so I took off the remaining two and put all four in the trailer along with our awning mat, which was taking on the appearance of a sail.  Thankfully we are somewhat sheltered here in the trees and did not take the full brunt of mother nature, but it was certainly enough....thank you very much!  I now have, maybe, an inkling of what being in a hurricane might sound like.

I also had to crank down our satellite dish as I was concerned the high winds might damage it, but was finally able to re-deploy it around 11:30 in time to watch the end of the early college football games.

As it turned out, and as I predicted in yesterday's blog, the lighthouse was kept closed to tours all day as it was just too dangerous out on the bare naked Cape.  We pretty much stayed inside the rest of the day running the heaters, reading, and watching a lot of college football.  Most of the games were pretty one sided, but the Ole Miss vs. LSU game came right down to the wire with LSU upsetting previously unbeaten # 3 Ole Miss 10-7!

Around 5 pm we ventured over to Paul and Nina's for 'Happy Hour', and were joined by Brian.  We sat talking about the day's events, and guessed it.....the lighthouse.  Paul and Nina will be departing, weather permitting, Monday, and that will leave TLE, moi, Bryan and Judy to finish out the remaining three shifts.  Our time is short, and soon it will be time to say more 'until next times'.

In game 4 of the World Series the Giants out slugged the Royals winning 11-4......

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

The countdown has begun......

As I sit here at the keyboard the howling winds are gusting to 78 mph.....the coach is being buffeted side to side, and occasionally it feels as if we are in the throws of a 7.1 earthquake of sustained duration.   I had to go outside around 5:45 am and lower the driver's side window awnings to prevent them from being damaged.  I guess this is just a 'peek' for us at what it must be like to live here on the Cape during the winter......OMG.......just had a gust at 94 mph!  I'm pretty sure the lighthouse will not be opening for business today.

As the title would suggest, we are in the final 10 days of our stay here.  We will serve our last shift at the lighthouse (barring overly windy conditions) on October 31st, and roll our wheels south and east on November 1st, arriving in the Reno, NV area sometime in the early afternoon on the 2nd.

Our Friday 'top shift' began with almost no wind, and a lot of rain.  In all we entertained 13 visitors to the 'lantern room' before Bryan relieved us at 12:30.

A few days ago we ordered several items from using our 'Prime" account, and I was getting text messages all morning advising me of the shipping 1 pm they all showed the status as "DELIVERED".  Within a couple of hours one of the Rangers was knocking on our door with our packages (2 bottles of 'Slap Ya' Mama' hot sauce, 2 bottles of 'Dat'l Do It' hot sauce, a pressure washer, two 2 pound bags of San Francisco Coffee beans, etc.)....all shipped via the 2 day free shipping option......ordered Wednesday morning and here Friday afternoon!  If you are not currently an Amazon Prime member you should check it out!

It stopped raining around 2:30 and we decided to take a walk down to 'south beach' around 3 before the next storm came in.  We even saw a little blue sky as we walked down to the beach......

First we walked north and then back south......all in all about 3.5 miles over 2 hours walking along one of our favorite deserted beaches ever.

We were back in time to watch the beginning of game three of this year's World Series between the Royals and Giants.....the Royals prevailed again 3-2.  We watched 'The Amazing Race', and were in bed by 10:30.

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Weather Conditions for:
Wind is in the high 60's with gusts to 94 mph this morning!

Cape Blanco Coast Guard Station, OR (K92S)
Elev: 187 ft; Latitude: 42.83333; Longitude: -124.56667
Current time:Sat, 25 Oct 8:02 am (PDT)
Most Recent Observation:Sat, 25 Oct 7:45 am PDT (PDT)

25 Oct 7:45 am PDTSE75G89
25 Oct 7:30 am PDTSE67G74
25 Oct 7:15 am PDTSE79
25 Oct 7:00 am PDTSE70G78
25 Oct 6:45 am PDTSE71G94
25 Oct 6:30 am PDTSE64G74
25 Oct 6:15 am PDTSE67
25 Oct 6:00 am PDTSE66G71
25 Oct 5:45 am PDTSE68G74