Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We are official.....

Yesterday, February 1st, I was leaving the park to head for the office and saw Ranger Dana driving into the park, so I pulled a quick U-turn and caught up with her at the new cabins. I asked if she had received the results of our back ground check, and she answered she had just received an e-mail on her phone confirming we are not felons. So, our start date was officially yesterday. We are ensconced in site 215, an 80 foot back in concrete pad. That should be long enough for our coach, trailer and two cars, but we will find out tomorrow.

I just brought the trailer here from storage, but it is sitting in site 214 temporarily as I had to drop it quickly and head off to officiate a high school soccer match. So, tomorrow morning I'll unhook the coach, pull it out of the site and then back the trailer in......will probably have to push it back to where the rear wheels are at the edge of the concrete to make it all fit, but I'm sure it will work.

After I got home, around 5:30pm (after dark), Elaine prepared some of her famous burritos, which I washed down with a very cold Newcastle. Next we headed over to the trailer to reorganize the stuff inside so we could find things when we look for them in the future. I'll take a picture of all that we are currently storing in there.

We also transferred our DirecTV DVR receiver into the coach and it works great. Now I need to run a second coax cable from the LNB on the satellite dish so we can record one channel while watching another. That will be a project for after we return from Ventura, where we are headed tomorrow for 4 days to unwind from the hectic past three weeks of moving.

Looking forward to some down brain is full, and my body is'd think I was 61, or something.....haha!!!

Thanks for reading.....stay tuned for great pictures of the Pacific Ocean, and a few great sunsets thrown in for good measure!


  1. YAY! ::happy dance:: Good for y'all for not being felons. [I kid]. Congrats. Sounds great.

  2. We are still pinching all came together so quickly!