Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We've turned the corner....

Sunday for the first time in two and a half months we pointed our coach west from whence we came.......we really enjoyed our stay at Red Gate RV Park in Savannah. This park is very big rig friendly. A lot of parks advertise that they are, but this park really is. While they only have about a dozen full hookup sites, any one of them could have accommodated our 62' length without us having to "drop" the trailer. This is a rarity east of the Mississippi, at least in our experience. Each of their 12 full hookup sites is close to 65' long, and extra wide to accommodate those big rigs with slideouts. They have an enormous dry camp area, which is where we stayed as all of the full hookup sites were booked for the weekend. All in all we enjoyed the peace and quiet of our dry camp spot, well away from the other coaches, plus were able to run our generator without disturbing the other campers.

We had deployed a lot of "stuff" for the 3+ days we were there, and I was kind of dreading the "putting it away" part Sunday morning....we had put out or awning mat for the first time since we were in Bullard, TX...way back in February. We had put our all our window awnings, plus the large patio awning, we had unloaded the T-Bird, taken out all the bikes, and put out the small Honda generator to help put juice back in house batteries when it got very overcast Saturday. Surprisingly it only took about an hour to put it all away.

Around 11am we merged on to I-16 westbound for Dublin, GA.....Elaine had picked out a Cracker Barrel as our stopping point for the day....a mere 120+ miles west of Savannah. As we neared the parking lot it became obvious that we just wouldn't fit there.....a little smaller than it appeared on Google maps, and too many cars....this time I listened to the little voice in my head and didn't even try to enter....haha! Her next option was about 7 miles further into Dublin at a Wallmart Supercenter, however, when we arrived there we were greeted immediately upon entering the lot with a "NO RV, TRUCK, OR TRAILER OVERNIGHT PARKING"......OK Walmart in Dublin, we were only going to spend a $100 in your establishment....your loss. So, we sat there for about 10 minutes while the Lovely Elaine checked further up the road, and she found another Walmart Supercenter on the southeast side of Macon, just off I-475...another 50 miles......but what did we care.....it was only 1:30pm.....so we jumped back on the Interstate and headed to the next Walmart, which turned out to have one of our favorite fuel stations, Murphy Gas, on one corner of their property, plus an enormous parking lot which already contained a couple of large semis, and another motor coach. We were down to 1/4 tank so this would be the perfect stop....overnight, and then fuel up in the morning. Murphy Gas has an arrangement with Walmart that if you use a Walmart credit card you get 5 cents off the listed price (we don't have one), or a Walmart Gift card you get 3 cents off the listed price. All we do is go in and buy a $500 gift card, and then stick it in the gas pump credit card slot and pump.....no re-authorization after every $75. Whatever is left over we just use for the next tank, or in Walmart to buy groceries. With our Walmart gift card the diesel was $3.90 per gallon.....we took on 109 gallons, so we have about $70 left on the card for our next purchase.

As we drifted off to sleep Sunday evening we were serenaded by some Country Western music coming from a local restaurant......very pleasant evening! I'm not a Country Western expert, but I really enjoyed the tunes of this solo male act.

We were ready for a down day after several hectic days of playing tourist around Savannah, so we decided to spend the entire day there after fueling up Monday morning. I spent part of the day doing some service work on the coach.....tightening screws and bolts that tend to vibrate lose after 4,000 miles, checking tire air pressure, checking and adding oil for both the big engine and the Kohler generator, and washing the bugs off the windshield. It never fails that within an hour after cleaning the windshield a large bug commits suicide right in the middle of my windshield...never Elaine's, only mine. The rest of the day I read a good book, did some office work on my computer, and took a couple of walks. Around 6pm we said goodbye to Walmart and continued our trek west to Atlanta....well, actually Morrow, GA.....on the outskirts of Atlanta, where we overnighted at the local Cracker Barrel. This Cracker Barrel has a completely separate parking lot for RV's and trucks, and we had it all to ourselves. We'll go in this morning and buy breakfast, and then do some site seeing by car around Atlanta.....would love to bike around, but it is drizzling as I write.

No pictures to post for Sunday and Monday, but I know there will be a bunch after today.

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