Saturday, January 13, 2018

2017 in review - Part Two - Yellowstone


I left off my review of 2017 with our departure from TVC on June 10th.  We spent parts of 5 days to cover 800+ miles to our next job in Yellowstone.  Neither of us had ever been to Yellowstone, and we were more than excited at our good fortune of landing cashier jobs at the Mammoth Hot Springs General Store run by the Delaware North Corporation.  We had been introduced to Delaware North by our good friend Art Young.  As it turned out, Art caught up with us near  Twin Falls, ID where we hunkered down for two nights while a windstorm blew through the area.

We arrived in West Yellowstone the afternoon of June 14th where we would attend our Delaware North orientation meeting the following morning.....Art arrived an hour, or two after we did, and then we all went into town to the Slipper Otter for dinner......

.......our orientation was over a little after 12 pm, and we were on our way driving some 54 miles to Mammoth Hot Springs.......

Heavy traffic on the way to Mammoth Hot Springs near Norris, and then a 5 mile construction zone!

.....we arrived at Mammoth Hot Springs after a harrowing 2.5 hour drive.....we were exhausted.  Were able to meet our boss for the summer, Krystal Leonard, and take a look at the store before continuing the last 5 miles to Gardiner, MT where we would be staying until October.....

....we set up temporarily in a pull through site before moving the next day to our permanent site......

.....the rest of the summer is better reported pictorially......

 Tower Falls

 My work area....the 'FOUNTAIN'

 We scooped over 60,000 scoops of ice cream over the course of our tenure

 Gardiner River

 Elk Sliders

 Petrified Tree

 Mammoth Hot Springs

 The iconic 'Old Faithful'

 4th of July

 We visited Chico Hot Springs 3, or 4 times

 of my proudest achievements of 2017, and frankly, my life.....hiking over 100 miles of trails in Yellowstone National Park.......we saw so many waterfalls!

 Undine Falls

 Bunsen Peak

 Osprey Falls

 The view from Mt. Washburn

 Cascade Lake

On our way to view the eclipse with Roscoe, Geni and Dodge.....August

 The gang


 The iconic Canyon Falls

 Christina and Dodge



 Susan and Chuck



  Roscoe, Geni and Dodge....our 46th anniversary dinner

 Sandi and Thomas

 Sandi, Susan and Kathy

 Christmas in August

 Hangin' at the Rusty Rail with the gang!

 The Tetons....visited Bob and Hilary (brother-in-law and sister) at the Tetons

Jackson, WY

.....I was going to review 2017 in just two posts, but Yellowstone deserved one all by itself.  We left Yellowstone on October 4th, and flew to SoCal for our son, Tim's wedding to Laila.....I will pick up there in installment three of 2017.....

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  1. WOW! What a outstanding collection of photos from Yellowstone. Geni and I are so grateful that we met you and Elaine, it really made our first year full timing special! Those memories will last us our life time.

    1. Roscoe, meeting you and Geni was the highlight of our time in Yellowstone!