Friday, July 19, 2019

Enjoying the here and now......

12:44 pm - Friday - July 19th - Ramona, CA - 82° F, 46% humidity, wind 11 mph out of the northwest.....sunny, cloudless and pleasantly warm.  Is already Friday again?  Seems like it was just Monday a couple of days ago.

I'm still not sure if I like going to work at 7 am when it is 7 am, but I definitely do like it when it's 2 pm and I'm done for the day.   Nonetheless, I do so enjoy doing the pool when the shadows are still covering the entire pool area......

.....I didn't have to vacuum, or sweep the pool Thursday, so I was able to spend time re-installing the split rail fencing across the entrance to the playground area....

....I had to dig a couple of post holes, but the work was mostly in the shade.  Within an hour I had the fence looking like it had not been gone for 3 weeks.

Once I was done with the fence I got back to painting the yellow bollards around the park.  I had done 11 of them the previous time, and was able to get another 4 done before lunch, and 3 more after lunch.  By that time it was 1:30 pm and time for me to begin to clean my roller and brush before clocking out for the day.

I spent the three hours until 5 pm watching Stage 12 of Le Tour de France finishing just before it was time to retrieve TLE from the office.  

As I was cleaning the pool Thursday I made an effort to look around and appreciate my surroundings, enjoying the sounds and smells of the early morning.  Have you ever noticed when you come to the end of your stay at a location you begin to suddenly become aware of things you had been ignoring before.  You begin to look upon your surroundings with a fresh eye, and wishing you had spent more time doing so before your time was short.  While we've got months to go here I am trying each day to live in and enjoy the moments.  Time moves so quickly that it easy to become complacent, and just look forward to the next thing, the next place.  I want to cherish and enjoy this place to its fullest, and do not want to suddenly realize one day a few months from now that I have not done so.

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