Saturday, January 25, 2020're it!

6:25 am - Saturday - January 25th - Ramona, CA - 35° F, 97% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the east......clear, chilly....forecast high for today is 74° F, but we will not be here to see is departure day from RORVR, and by 9 am our wheels will once again be  rolling, if only for a little over 100 miles.

The story of Friday was putting the final touches on our preparations to reposition ourselves up to Riverside, CA on Saturday morning.  There were several "had to's".....I had to put away all the wheel covers, I had to check the air pressure of 10 tires (6 on the Newell, and 4 on the trailer), I had to add 5-10 psi to each tire as we have been sitting for 9 months, we had to stow the window awnings, and patio awning, we had to fold up the artificial turf and drag it into the trailer, and the final 'had to' was to install my 2020 tag on the rear license plate of the Newell, the tag I had just purchased the day prior.......

......I did not do these in any particular order, however, the license tag was the first thing I chose to do.  I picked up the tag off the computer desk, grabbed my lightweight gloves (it's dirty back there), and began to walk out to the trailer with gloves and tag in hand when I noticed the walkie talkies sitting with their charger.....they needed to be charged before Saturday, so I grabbed them too, and then walked out to the trailer......

50' from door to door's probably less than 50 feet from the door of the Newell to the door of the trailer.  I stepped up into the trailer standing just inside the door where you see the red arrow below....this would be the 'passenger' side of the trailer.......

.....I plugged in the walkie talkies, and then picked up a screw driver to remove the clear plastic cover I have over the rear license plate, turned to walk back out the door of the trailer all the while opening my left hand where I clutched the gloves and tag.....the tag was gone! in just 50' I have dropped the tag.  I begin to search the floor in the area where I was standing to plug in the walkie talkies, but I do not see the tag.  I begin removing things from around the bicycles stowed there, and still do not see the tag......

.....a slight bit of panic ensues, but I keep looking, convinced I will find it in no time.  TLE and I scour the ground between the Newell and trailer.  I go over every square inch of the Newell salon.  We go back outside and repeat the ground search, then back in the trailer.  We repeat this process too many times to count.  Over 2 hours elapses and still no tag.  Finally I decide to distract myself by proceeding with the other "had to's".  I pull off the 10 tire covers, fold them, and take them into the trailer to stow in the spare tire well.  As I bend over to pull up the well door I look to the right, and what do I see?

.....the 2020 license tag lying on the floor behind the tire of my Cannondale Bad Boy on the opposite side of the trailer (where the left rear arrow is in the picture above.  How on earth did it fall from my hand, travel 6 feet and land on the floor there......I have no earthly idea.  I let out a whoop, and TLE came running....I showed her where the tag was and we both began to laugh uncontrollably.....the thought of having to go back into town and get another tag was humiliating, so what a relief to find it after a 2 hour search.  I quickly picked up the tag, proceeded to the back of the Newell, and installed the new 2020 tag before something else happened.....

.....I had hoped to be finished with my "to do's" by early afternoon, however that 2 hour delay pushed my finishing time back to 4 pm.  Once I had finished the other "to do's" I took off my Keen work shoes, which are completely, and totally worn out, walked over to the dumpster, opened the lid, and dropped them inside.....they are done in the most literal sense of the word!

 All that remained of our final day at RORVR was to meet our co-workers, and friends at El Michoacan in town for a goodbye dinner..... always, the food was exquisite, and the company even better.

As I sit here at my laptop Saturday morning there is a strong feeling of enuei mixed in liberally with the joy and excitement of the beginning of a new adventure....thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. Good luck on your next adventure... It's always a good time reading your blog

    1. Thank you! We arrived safely, and without event at the Riverside Elks Lodge. Attended the 1 year Bday party of our newest grand child, Crosby.

  2. Well I'm ready for wheels up.... I have not posted to your blog before, but we do enjoy it immensely !!!!!

    1. Thank you Colleen, you are too kind! It is good to be rolling the wheels again! Thank you for following.

  3. Looking forward to reading your next adventure! Doug and Michelle