Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Tuesday was our official start date at Amazon........our start time for our "orientation" was 8 am, so we needed to leave Sparks by 7 am to drive the 30+ miles to Fernley.  Why so early?  Well, we like to give ourselves enough time to get there, and get lost one time.  As it was we arrived in the Amazon parking lot by 7:35 am, so now we know we don't have to leave quite as early, if we choose.  Orientation day is essentially 8 hours of completing employment paperwork, and then safety training....not the most scintillating  stuff.

Amazon Fulfillment Center - Fernley, NV

Of course, our regular schedule, which begins next Monday, will see us leaving here about 5:15 pm for our 6 pm  10 hour night shift.  We have what they call the 'donut hole' Monday, Wednesday, then work Thursday and Friday.  This week we will return on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights for our initial 5 hour night shifts to receive training for our jobs, which will be "stowing".  Two years ago when we worked at Amazon in Campbellsville, KY we were "pickers", and loved our jobs.  Here in Fernely everyone in the "Camperforce" program will be working in the "stowing" department. "Stowers" put the various products sold by Amazon into the bins where they are later "picked" by "pickers" when they are purchased by online customers.

We finished our orientation and safety training around 3:30 and were then given a brief tour of the facility, which is one of the smaller Amazon Fulfillment Centers.  There are only two buildings, and they are not as tall inside as the one in Campbellsville, so their 'pick mods' are only two stories high, whereas in Campbellsville there were three buildings, and their pick mods were 4 stories high.  No one is allowed to take pictures inside the building, so the only picture I have for you today is of the outside.

A good example of a multi story 'pick mod'

We were home by 4:30 and I was BBQing a London Broil steak by 6.....TLE added baked potatoes and sauteed squash/onions as sides......what a great meal!   This is the first time we have BBQ'd in a few weeks due to very wet conditions we experienced in Cape Blanco the last few weeks we were there.

We watched election returns for most of the evening as most of the regular programming was deferred until next week due to the National Election.  This is the first time I have watched election returns in 3 years, and I was reminded of why I really don't care much anymore about politics in general.  Basically the seesaw from right to left, and now left to right continues unabated with nothing really being accomplished.  Everyone seems to agree that they want to 'throw the bums' out, but both sides just keep electing more new 'bums' to replace the old ones.  It seems to me that both sides spend hundreds of millions of dollars demonizing the other side, in some cases running vile, offensive commercials about their opponents, and then wonder why no one wants to 'get together' and become bi-partisan after the election.  I guess there is a 'silver lining' to it all......with gridlock it is harder for both parties to cause more damage than has already been done.  That's it.....that's my political statement for the next 10 years.

The weather, as predicted, as begun to warm up somewhat, and it looks like a cloudless, dry, sunny day is in store for us!  YAY!

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P.S. - Oh, and by the way, we did trap another mouse last night, so the siege is not over.....we will be tripling down tonight with at least 6 traps placed all over the coach.

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