Saturday, November 15, 2014

RNO1 - Day 8 - TGIF!!

I woke up Friday entirely too early.....10:45 am.....I went to bed around 7 am.....this is not good......3 hours and 45 minutes of sleep.  In order to console myself I thought back to our Campbellsville days when this happened on a regular basis   After a while I became philosophical about it.  At some point I figured I would get tired enough that I would sleep, and eventually I did.  Another interesting thing I found out back then was that I could get by for extended periods of time with 5, or 6 hours of sleep.....sometimes less.  Well, Friday.....and seriously, thank goodness is was Friday......all I had to do was get through Friday night and I would have a few days to catch up on my sleep with actual sleep and naps.

We woke up to a partially cloudy, wind swept day, and it was beautiful, even if it was viewed through sleep deprived eyes.  Ironically I tried to take a nap, but sleep was illusive, and before I knew it 5 pm, our departure time, was looming and it was time to get ready to drive to Fernley.  TLE did make a very good dinner of Chicken Taco soup chased with cheese bread.....yum!

TLE and I were assigned to work in the 'Utah' side of the building, which is where we have both spent a lot of time.  We found out pretty quickly that the 'ICQA' (Inventory Control and Quality Assurance) people had been busy during the day straightening the bins out, and creating more space to 'stow' the stuff that keeps coming at us hour after hour, night after night......just like the U.S. mail.

One thing I forgot to mention is that after years of using the same type of Motorola scanner.....large, heavy, and a devourer of batteries (usually I would have to change batteries at our 'lunch break' because one battery would only make it about 8 hours, Amazon has switched to a smaller, lighter Motorola unit that will run all night using only about half the power of one battery.  They scan faster, and from almost any angle.......and mostly importantly......I like them a lot.  Many of the workers continue to use the older, heavier, clunky ones, but not I....and not TLE.  The old ones will go away in a few days, so I'm glad I switched over the first day they were available, and have worked my way through the learning curve.

Once again Friday night (well really Saturday morning at 12:30 am) Amazon treated us to a catered Thanksgiving dinner in the break room......nothing like stocking up on tryptophan when you need to stay awake, huh?  Especially when one gets only 3 hours and 45 minutes of sleep the day before.  Needless to say I drank a few cups of coffee on our breaks, and during our 'lunch' break.

We were home by 5:15, but didn't go to bed right away....we watched a couple more episodes of a TV show we were kind of late to the party on.....'The Blacklist'.  I am really captivated by this show.....thank goodness for Netflix, which enables us to go back to season one and work our way forward to the present!

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