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Sunday, January 6, 2019

It must be a sign.......

7:45 am - Sunday - January 6th - Inverness, FL - 42º F, 97% humidity, wind - CALM - clear today with a forecast high of 70º F.....it got down to a glorious 58º F inside our bedroom last night.....wonderful!  Had to turn the heaters on this morning.....now that is more like it....that is the weather for which I was hoping when we came to Florida......60's-70's during the day, and in the 40's at night.

We awoke to a partly cloudy day, which eventually morphed into clear blue skies in the afternoon.  When I opened the front curtains I saw what I believe are some sort of cranes, but not being a 'birder' I am just guessing.  There are a lot of birds here including dozens of large turkey buzzards......

......my first task of Saturday after completing my blog was to put away the rest of the tools I had been using to install TLE's new seat, then hookup our sewer line to the sewer connection as it had been 8 days since we last dumped.  I had planned to dump our tanks before we left Cedar Key, but decided I could go a few more days.  Once that task was complete I retrieved the sign I made weeks ago to add to Richard and Rhonda's friends post in their front yard, and install it.  The prior record for longest distance from home was Tom and Darlene's sign showing 2,150 back to Wittmann, AZ.  We have now topped that with a total distance of 2,417 from our home mailing address in Rancho Cucamonga, CA....

 Our sign

 The rest of the signs

.....once the sign was affixed to the post I proceeded to apply (over several hours) three coats of polyurethane via an aerosol can.   There is currently a small controversy in process about whether we can claim Rancho Cucamonga as our home as it is just a mailing address.  Some (the McCloud Clan) believe our new sign is only 75' from our home (the Newell), but I countered that the sign is only for people who have driven their Newells to Inverness, not a car.  I'm sure this good-natured debate will continue for some time.......😉

Next up was to finish hiding the power and ground wires we ran to power the new passenger seat.  TLE's old seat did not have power.  That took about an hour, but finally I was done, and then rotated the seat, as is our custom, so it can be used as an extra seat for visitors.....

......after that I took a short, but well deserved nap, then took a shower so I could go out and get a haircut, and do some shopping with TLE.  She found a Fantastic Sam's about 9 miles away for my haircut......there were no Supercuts within 20 miles.  That's my third successive haircut at a Fantastic Sam's (two in Campbellsville), and this one was by far my best haircut of the three.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that our hosts left around 8 am on a trip up to Baltimore, MD  in a rented box van to deliver some furniture to their son who lives there, so we were are on our own for our last two days here in Inverness.  On Monday, the 7th, we'll roll our wheels once again, only northward this time.

We were home by 4 pm, and enjoyed a nice relaxing evening.  TLE made some Cajun Andouille Mac & Cheese for dinner......

....I am not really a mac & cheese guy, but this was exceptionally delicious.  I'm glad we did not eat it all Saturday.......😉

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