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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.......

8:06 am - Tuesday - January 1st - Cedar Key, FL - 66º F, 82% humidity, wind 2 mph out of the east by southeast.....sunny today with a forecast high of 70º F.

It hardly seems as if another year has some and gone, but I look at our calendar and it absolutely declares it is New Years Eve, 2018.  A year ago I was recovering from my stroke (December 28th), and grateful to have no lasting after effects except that now I am on blood pressure medication.  My doctor said "Clarke, you just won the lottery!"....I could have had paralysis, or been dead, but just got a warning instead, and got to go on about my life.  In March of 2018 we finished our gig at the Grand Canyon, and headed home to SoCal for about a month to spend time with kids, and their kids before we headed to Maine for the summer.  We took a month to make the 3,000+ mile drive to Southwest Harbor adding many wonderful memories along the way.  We worked for about 3 months at Smuggler's Den, and then spent the next 5 weeks hiking and enjoying Acadia National Park.  Then we took another 5 weeks to travel to Campbellsville, KY to work at Amazon.  During that interval we spent time in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York City, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Connecticut before landing at Amazon for 8 weeks.  In the process we ticked off 6 more states we had not previously visited and can now claim to have visited the lower 48 states in our Newell.....only Alaska remains.

After Amazon we flew home to visit our children once again, and then made our way to Cedar Key, FL for New Years.....we last spent New Years day here in January of 2013, and now it is January of 2019.  In just 31 days we will celebrate the end of our 7th nomadic year, and the beginning of our 8th year on the road.  It sincerely does not feel as if it has been 7 years since we began our journey.  I think it can now be said we have officially earned our nomadic credentials after 7 years.

To begin our 3rd day in Cedar Key we headed out for the obligatory 1.5 mile walk into town to have some coffee and pastry at the 1842 Daily Grind, and then walk around downtown Cedar Key, and here are some of the sights we saw along the way.......

 Yes, it does feel like home

 The 1.5 mile walk into Cedar Key 

 A random manger scene

 The old, now defunct, Kona Joe's

Google photos stitched together this cool little slide show 
of our day in Cedar Key

 Al fresco dining at 1842 Daily Grind

Looking down Dock Street

Our beloved Blue Desert Cafe.....now just a memory

....we stopped off at a local gift shop on Dock Street, and found this little sign that perfectly sums up Cedar Key for us......

This little sign really says all there is to say about Cedar Key

.....there truly is NO wasted time here in Cedar Key....there is just 'being'.......

By the time we returned home we had covered some 4.5 miles walking, and it was getting warm.....well, warm for us.....72º F (also a tad humid), so we turned on the A/C and settled in to 'wasting' a little time relaxing.  We had talked about walking over to the Tiki Bar for sunset, but decided to just view it from the waterfront here at Sunset Isle.......the sunsets here are just breathtaking....

....we had also planned to return to the Cedar Key downtown area (2nd Street) to watch the 3rd annual 9 pm 'ball drop' at Bonish Studio, but we opted to spend a quiet evening together seeing in the New Year....with a few naps thrown in along the way we both managed to be awake at 12:01 am, and officially wished each other 'Happy New Year', then headed off to dreamland one more time......yup, there is no wasted time in Cedar Key!

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