Sunday, October 18, 2020

Historic Bay Front.....

 8:09 am - Sunday - October 18th - Seal Rock, OR - 52° F, 94% humidity, wind - CALM.....overcast and cool today with a forecast high of 58° F.  On this date in 2018 we arrived at Heartland RV Park in Campbellsville, KY to work at Amazon for 5 weeks.  This park is just a big gravel parking lot with full hookups, but it is right across the street from Amazon.....↴

Once again it rained most of the night, but by 7:30 am it was beginning to clear, and it appeared we would have a mostly sunny day.  So, what to do on Saturday?  We did need to do some shopping and we have not yet had the pleasure of sampling any of the local breakfast places.  TLE found a likely place called 'The Coffee House' on Bay Blvd. in Newport's historic 'Bay Front' right across the street from Yaquina Bay.....Yelp gives them 4 stars on 280 reviews, and we would have to agree.

We arrived on Bay Blvd. across from 'The Coffee House' a little after 10 am, finally found a parking spot about 1/2 block down, and then walked back to the restaurant.  We were quickly seated in their alfresco section......

The commercial fishing fleet behind us

The boardwalk

.....we ordered coffee....each cup is 'hand poured' and comes in an enormous class mug......'s like getting 1/2 pot of coffee!  And by the way, it is delicious! We had a lovely view of the Yaquina Bay......

......'The Coffee House' specializes in omelettes so I ordered their bacon, tomato, cheese and onion and TLE their wild mushroom and spinach omelette.  I did not take pictures of the food, but the portions were enormous....TLE took 1/2 of her omelette home.  They were both exquisite, and we never had to ask for refills on our coffee (lol).  The service was also top drawer....

.....from there we headed to Fred Meyer to do our weekly shopping, and were home around 12:30 pm.  While TLE put away the groceries I cleaned the front windshield once again, which is an almost daily requirement.  I did some more cleaning of the exterior, and then retired inside to read, and watch college football.  Being able to at least watch college football makes things seem almost normal in this time of everything in the world being turned upside down.  Here in Seal Rock you would never know there was any political, or social turmoil boiling over everywhere you look.  We are just living our lives in a very rural area enjoying our location and views along with the periodic amazing sunset, and Saturday we had another of those......

.....thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I agree with you about rural living.....I'm staying on a 20 acre lot of land in rural Key Peninsula about 40 minute drive outside Gig Harbor. I love it out here as I am about 5 miles from little spot in the road town called home. It has a small market, gas station, food bank, post office, laundry mat, little park and restaurant. Has two state parks out here.... Joemma and Penrose all right on the water......I like the quiet and serenity of living in the woods and just being kinda off the grid.

  2. Hi Clarke, just wondering, where did you find your comfy looking neck gaiters?

    1. Got them on Amazon!