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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Jackson Hole.....

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7:34 am - Wednesday - September 13th - 55º F, 43% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the south.....cloudy.....it will rain today, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.....a day off on Sunday, then 4 more days of rain next week.....this all, of course, according to the weather guessers.  We will have temps mostly in the 40's and 50's for the next 15 days.  Forecast high for today in Gardiner, MT is 71º F, and the same in Mammoth Hot Springs, WY....must be the cloud cover.....rain by noon.

Normally I do not sleep very well the first night in a strange bed, but Monday night I slept like a baby, except for the part where you wake up with a wet diaper.  We went to bed around 10 pm, and I got up around 6:30.....TLE was up shortly thereafter.....she did not fare so well as I sleep wise.  I did not take my laptop with me for just the one night, so I had to write my daily blog entry on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phone, which is a challenge.  In the end I had to wait to get home to fix a few things I could not get right using the Samsung.....nothing wrong with the phone, just my fingers.....they are just too big for that very tiny keyboard!

TLE caught this amazing picture of the Grand Tetons catching the first light of the day.....

......I don't think I mentioned it yesterday, maybe I did, I just don't remember....we were staying with my sister and brother-in-law at the Triangle X Ranch just north of Moose, WY, which is about 15 minutes north of the iconic Jackson Hole, WY.  The Triangle X is a 'dude' ranch replete with horseback riding, fly fishing opportunities (the Snake River is just across the highway, so I guess you could say 'A River Runs Through it'), rafting, hunting, etc.  All the cabins (I think there are somewhere between a dozen and 15) are just basic housekeeping.....no cooking facilities, but there is a small refrigerator, and can sleep anywhere from 2 to 6.  All meals are taken at the Lodge, which is the focal point of the ranch....they serve wonderful meals at precisely 8 am, 1 pm and 7 pm.....you know it is time to eat because they notify via beating on a metal triangle.....very cool.

You can see the 'Lodge' in the background where meals are served at 8 am, 1 pm and 7 pm.....the food is very, very good here.....I seem to forget to take off my reading glasses on a regular basis when taking selfies.

We sat on the front porch drinking coffee and watching the sun light up the Grand Tetons across the way.....in the pictures below you can see a fog bank hovering over the Snake River....

.....ahhhh....there it is....the sun has hit the top of 'The Grand'.  Within minutes the meal triangle was being banged, and we were on our way about 200' up the path to breakfast.  Meals are served family style, and you get to meet someone new almost every meal.  After breakfast, and around 9 am TLE and I joined my sister Hilary for a drive into the iconic Jackson Hole, WY.  Of course no visit there is complete without the requisite picture taken in front of the arch of elk antlers......

......just around the corner is the the location of the original stage stop....I am sure this is not the original building, though....

.....the one thing Jackson Hole has in abundance are retail stores and restaurants.....below we are in the 'Boot Legger' store, which is, I am sure you have surmised, where cowboy boots of every imaginable configuration are sold.  I am sporting a new Australian Wool Felt hat.....I just couldn't resist, and, of course, fedoras are making a comeback........

.....visited the Davies Reid Jackson antique store, which in its prior incarnation was a pharmacy replete with a soda fountain, which is still there.

....we puttered around Jackson Hole until around 11:30 when we began our drive back to the dude ranch......based on our driving time down to Moose, WY of 5 hours we wanted to get back on the road by noon time hoping to arrive home by 5 pm.  As it turned out we did not depart the dude ranch until 12:30, however, we were surprised and blessed with very good traffic on our way back north.  We took time to stop off at the Grant General Store to use their bathroom, and take a selfie......

 The view of the Tetons taken at the gate as we were leaving.....there is still snow!

 Is my head really that big?

.....we were making such good time that we decided to stop off at the Canyon Village General Store to visit our good friend Art Young, and use their bathroom.  We ended up talking with Art close to 45 minutes before bidding him adieu and continuing our jaunt home.  We arrived home just before 5 pm.....our drive included 15 minutes at Grant, 45 minutes at Canyon and another 20 minutes at the Gardiner Market.....total elapsed time was just 4.5 hours with around 3 hours of driving....what a difference a day makes!

I am feeling much better....probably about 95% of normal....so thank you for your thoughts and prayers, although my minor case of tonsillitis was nothing when compared to the hardship so many are living through right now in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, etc. due to Hurricane Irma......we are high and dry and have power!

We were only gone about 31 hours, but it seemed like two, or three days.  We had, as we always do, a wonderful time visiting with my sister Hilary and her husband Bob, and are so grateful for their hospitality.

Thanks for stopping by!

When you shop Amazon, please use our link (below) to access their website.......we will appreciate every purchase you make using our Amazon Affiliate link, and  remember, using our link will not add one penny to your purchase, plus we will receive a small commission.

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