Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Another day in paradise......

6:15 am - Wednesday - May 23rd - Southwest Harbor, ME - 50º F, 93% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the south by southwest.....cloudy with a chance of rain this afternoon.  Rain was forecast for last night and early morning today, but it never materialized.....dry as a bone out side right now. 

Tuesday was another workday.  I reported for work at 8 am and was assigned to work with Tony again.  We were given one job to complete in our six hour shift.....reinstall the screens on three of the Deluxe cabins, which had been removed so stain could be applied via a spray gun a week ago.  Each Deluxe cabin has a screened porch with 7 separate screens, plus a screen door which would have to be rehung.  Additionally we were tasked with checking the screens on the other 5 cabins and repairing any that had issues.

The first cabin took almost two hours for the 7 screens, but during that time we kind of developed a system which sped up the process on the two remaining cabins.  We decided to leave the reinstallation of the screen doors for the end of the day.  By 11 am (lunch time) we almost had the second cabin finished.  We returned at 12 pm to finish the second cabin and then began to work on cabin 3.

By 2 pm we had finished all three cabins, and fixed 4 screens on other cabins. Now it was time to rehang the three screen doors.  This was a little trickier as, apparently, the three doors had all been put in one place, and we had to figure out which screen door went with which cabin.  At any rate by 3 pm we were putting away our tools in the 'garage' and heading back down to the office to punch the clock.

TLE spent her day working in the office with Rain, and Alexis to get everything set up for opening day such as computers, as well as putting store inventory on the shelves, and in the coolers (they do have a small store in the office where they sell t-shirts, candy, water, wood, ice cream, and soda).  By the time Tony and I arrived to punch the clock it was looking a lot more like an office/store.  TLE clocked out at the same time I did and we walked home together.  

We had some papers which needed to be notarized, and as it turns out, one of the summer employees, Cindy, is a notary.  During the week she works at an insurance agency in town so we got in the VW and drove into town to get our documents notarized (thank you Cindy!), then drove another mile down to Gott's CITGO station to fuel up....their price for unleaded premium is just $3.25/gallon compared to $3.46 at the local Shell station.  On the way back home from Gott's we stopped off at the USPS to put our documents in the mail.

By the time we got back home it was a little after 4 pm and time for a nap!  We spent the evening watching the finale of 'American Idol' (recorded from Monday night) which was won by our favorite, Maddie Poppe.  We liked her from the very beginning audition, so it was nice to see her dream come true.

That's it for Tuesday.  Two more days to get the campground ready for opening day on stress here.....just tell me what to do, and I'll do it.....another day in paradise, right?  

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