Monday, May 28, 2018

Easy peasy day....

6:23 am - Monday - May 28th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 48º F, 86% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the east......cloudy with a forecast high today of 54º F.  Today is 'vacuum day' here at Smuggler's Den.  In about 4 hours the campground will be virtually empty and it will be time to clean all the sites.

Beech Mountain....there is a fire watch station up there

Since I was the only worker on duty Sunday I offered to begin my workday at 9 am instead of 10 am.  Todd came in at 7 am to uncover the pool, and be sure it was ready for use later in the morning.  He would stay on until I arrived at 9 am then go home (Sunday is normally his off day).  It was a beautiful day, but very, very frigid.  I was back to wearing my Levi's and a long sleeved shirt.

We had only 3 sites opening up Sunday, but they had until 11 am to checkout so I busied myself with replenishing the wood box with firewood from the 'back 40'.  In all I brought up 16 bundles which is essentially two car golf cart loads.

From there I made a couple of minor repairs Todd had requested I handle, checked all the various trash receptacles to be sure they were not overflowing, then I got to weeding the flower beds along the fence around the pool where I had a clear view of site 118.  This was the only site which we had to turn over Sunday (one party leaving and one party arriving), so I wanted to be sure to be able to clean it as soon as it became available.  The people leaving vacated the site at exactly 11 am, and the party who would be moving into that site had just arrived about 30 minutes before.....our check in time is 3 pm, but if a site is available we will let then check in early.

Within 15 minutes the site was cleaned and I notified the new tenant he could move his trailer into the site.  I went back to weeding until 12 pm when it was time to clean the restrooms.  Todd came back to the campground to help me clean the restrooms and by 1:45 pm they were both clean and ready again for use....I headed for home to eat lunch and take a nap.  Needless to say after working 11 of the last 12 days I am tired and really looking forward to being off work on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I get ahead of myself.

I came back at 3 pm knowing I had two more hours until I could take a 3 hour break before closing the pool.  The campground was very quiet as most folks were out site seeing, hiking, kayaking, etc. so there was not much to do except just enjoy the late afternoon sun.  I did bring up 20 more bundles of wood near the end of my shift.....we do sell a lot of firewood.  The bundles cost $5 each, but offer a lot more wood than other places we have worked in the past, plus it is all hard wood, so it takes longer to burn.

TLE did not go to work until noon time, and went home about 4 pm as there were two of them working the office and it was very quiet. I joined her at 5 pm, and we both returned to the office just before 8 pm to close.  The pool was empty (it was about 47º F) so I pulled over the tarp we use to cover it at night keep the heat from escaping, and locked the gate.  TLE was done with helping Sam close the office by 8:15 and we headed for home once again.  It was an 'easy peasy' kind of day.

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