Monday, August 6, 2018

How dry I am.....

6:08 am - Monday - August 6th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 65º F, 96% humidity, wind 2 mph out of the west by northwest......clear skies with a forecast high of 81º F.

It rained all Saturday night and into early Sunday morning, so we expected Sunday to be an uncomfortable day with temps in the 80's and high humidity, but a funny, but delightful thing happened.....we had an early morning wind that literally blew the humidity away.  So, even though it got up to 83º F Sunday, the humidity was in the low 60's percentile and it turned out to be a better than average day.  Monday promises more of the same.  I know when you read the opening paragraph everyday and see the humidity in the upper 90's you must think I'm nuts, or something.  The humidity is almost always in the 90's at night, but by 8, or 9 am it drops quickly into the 70's, then 60's most of the time.  Sure, we have had our share of very humid days lately, but what I describe is the norm, for which I am grateful.

I reported for pool duty at 7 am and just could not believe how dry the air felt.  Usually, on a humid day, we are all soaked with perspiration by the time we finish the pool at 8 am......not so on Sunday!  We transitioned from the pool to restocking the 'woodbox', which only needed 11 bundles of wood.....wood sales don't do so well when it is raining.  From there we began cleaning sites, but only managed to clean 4 of the 17 sites with departures as people were just not departing.  Many in the tenting areas were trying to dry out their tents and equipment so they pack up their cars and depart.  We spent time dead heading the flowers around the office, then turned to trash collection as there were still no additional sites to clean....customers do have until 11 am to depart, and sometimes too many of them do not depart until the last minute.  

As we were finishing trash collection, we saw that 4 RV's were on their way out of the park, so we immediately parked the company truck and set about to get those 4 sites cleaned before was now 10:45 am.  We actually manged to clean 5 sites in 15 minutes as a tent site opened up as we were finishing the last RV site, so we actually ended up having cleaned 9 of the 17 sites before lunch leaving just 8 more after lunch......not bad.

Due to the overnight rain the bathrooms were quite messy, as one might imagine, and each one took us close to an hour to restore to a clean state.  By the time we took our usual post bathroom cleaning break it was about 2:15 pm.  We spent about 20 minutes spiffing up the laundry room, cleaning out the shop vac, and picking up a few bags of 'returnables'.  By then it was almost 3 pm and time for Tammy and Alex to end their day.  I had one hour to go so I fetched my Stihl string trimmer and headed down to the cabins to do some trimming .  That took me up to 3:50 pm and time to put away my tools, and clean the golf carts.  I clocked out just after 4 pm, and was home in the shower by 4:15.  

TLE had prepared a spaghetti dish for me to reheat for dinner which I did about 5:30......hahaha....I'm becoming a cook......well, maybe.  I got dressed again about 7:20 pm to walk down to close the pool and do my evening rounds of the campground.  I was finished with the pool just before 8 and spent the next hour talking with customers, and making one stop at site #110 to ask the folks there to turn their outdoor TV volume down.....I could hear it from 6 sites away.  He politely complied and I was done for the evening.

The air continues to feel dry this morning (Monday).....the forecast shows a high of 81º F, but based on past experience it will probably be more like long as the air remains dry it should not present a problem.

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