Friday, August 3, 2018

Local humidity.....

6:10 am - August 3rd - Friday - Southwest Harbor, ME - 68º F, 93% humidity, wind - CALM - partly cloudy with a forecast high today of 77º F.

As expected, after raining all night Wednesday night and into early Thursday morning, the morning air, as I walked to pick up my golf cart, was heavy with was going to be a humid day.  The actual humidity was not bad, but when you live in the middle large grassy, very wet grassy fields, and the sun comes out you are going to get evaporation, which adds significantly to the humidity levels......I call it local humidity.

As I drove my cart down to the office I was still on a high from our 'weekend' which seemed much longer than two days.  Todd, Tammy and Steven were working on the pool getting it ready for the 8 am opening.  I recorded a time stamp on my new time card which will cover the next pay period of 8-2 to 8-8 and then walked over to the pool to help them finish their work.

We needed 25 bundles of wood to refill the woodbox on this day, and then set about cleaning the first of 20 sites having departures Thursday.  There were enough folks vacating their sites that we were able to stay busy until 9:50 am when it was time for Steven and I to begin the daily trash collection.  When we began collecting trash it was still overcast, but by the time we arrived at the office the sun was out and you could feel the humidity levels going up exponentially, and we were soon wiping sweat from our foreheads.  We were back from the transfer station just before 11 am so we drove down to the office to get our time cards stamped, and then we were off to lunch.

By the time we returned from lunch the sun was out in full force, and it was time to clean the bathrooms, which involves the use of a lot of water, which in turn makes the interior of the bathrooms even more humid than normal.  By the time we put the finishing touches on the men's side the perspiration had soaked our t-shirts, and I still had three hours to go.

I bid adieu to Tammy and Steve at 3 pm, picked up my Stihl string trimmer, along with some other tools and began trimming down in the tent sites (30's and 40's) where it was shady and a little breezy.  The time passed quickly and suddenly it was after 4:30 and time to return my tools to the 'garage' and clean my cart.  My t-shirt was still completely soaked with perspiration, and was I ever ready for a shower.

There is something about high humidity which just drains the energy from my body, and by the time I recorded the final time stamp of the day on my time card, and returned the cart to the garage I was 'all in'.  I headed home, took off my work clothes and jumped in the shower to soak the tiredness out of my old bones.

By the time I exited the shower and checked the humidity it was down to 67% and falling....Friday looks to be a better day.  TLE was home right at 6 pm....we went outside to enjoy the early evening air, have a couple of adult beverages, and light the Sea-B-Que so I could grill up some carne asada for street tacos.....a nice way to end a difficult work day.

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