Saturday, August 4, 2018

Not normal.......

6:14 am - Saturday - August 4th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 65º F, 94% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the south.....overcast....rained a little last night....not much.....forecast high for today is 72º F, but Sunday and Monday will be in the 80's.....that's a heatwave for Southwest Harbor!

Friday was another warmish day.  You could just feel the 'heat' in the early morning air.....I was not looking forward to this day.   I've been in places where the temperature routinely hits triple digits in the summer time.  After a while you get used to it when you live in it day after day.  For some reason when it gets into the 80's here it feels the same to me as triple digits.  The older I get the less tolerant I am of temperatures above the mid 70's.  I really thrive when it is in the 50's and 60's.  All the locals say this is unusual weather for MDI.....not normal at all.  They also say the humidity levels we are experiencing are unusual for this time of year.  

At any rate you must push through it to get the job done, right?  And that is what I did along with my co-workers, Tammy and Steven.  There is no point in running through the things we do every day.....they are unchanging......wood, site cleaning, trash, bathrooms, string trimming. The only variation in the theme Friday was a stop at McEachern's Hardware to pick up some more wasp spray.....the Yellow Jackets are building nests at a frantic pace.  We get notified by our customers on a daily basis of another nest.  Fortunately, Todd has taken over responsibility for killing the nests......Tammy and I have become sensitized to their stings/bites and want nothing more to do with them.  Todd seems to have the skill to avoid being stung/bitten by them.  Fortunately McEachern's has stocked up on our favorite wasp/yellow jacket foam spray and we were able to get 6 of them this time.

Other than that it was a normal day at SDC.....well, normal except for the temps in the 80's.  We spent most of the day looking for shady places to work, and that is how my day ended....working in the shade.

The office was not very busy as most of the arriving customers had arrived by 5 pm so TLE left Sam to fend for himself the rest of the evening and came home with me.  I stepped out of my damp clothing right into the shower.  By the time I emerged about 15 minutes later I felt much better.  TLE handed me an adult beverage, and I sat down in my recliner to watch the end of the second round of the World Golf Championship-Bridgestone Invitational in Akron, OH.  This is one of the major golfing events of the year.....not quite Major status, but a big tournament, nonetheless.  By the time the second round had concluded TLE was serving me an enchilada casserole she had lovingly prepared for dinner......OMG!  That was one of her best efforts ever!

By the time I went to bed at 9 pm I was feeling myself again.  The forecast for Saturday shows a high of only 72º F......a little relief from the heat, if only for one day!  I'll worry about Sunday when it is Sunday.

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  1. In regard to your wasp problems. If you are talking about wasp building nests in the ground, wasp spray probably is best. But a trick I now use is hot water and dish detergent. I use something like a bowl or bucket. Mix a good squirt of detergent and water and throw it on the nest. This kills them, not sure how, but I can attest it works. Probably a bit more environmentally friendly.