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Thursday, November 1, 2018

$300 per day........

7:52 am - Thursday - November 1st - Campellsville, KY - 65º F, 76% humidity, wind 11 mph out of the south by southeast......it rained on and off throughout the night, but never for very long, or very hard.  It's weird being up at 7:52 am and the sun just now rising, and what a rising it is........

.....I just happened to open the mini blinds as I was writing the opening for today's blog and saw this spectacular orange glow over the eastern horizon!  It is so warm this morning (65 degrees) that I just walked out in shorts and flip flops to get the picture.

Resting and naps were the name of Wednesday's game.  The big mistake one can make after the first week of work at Amazon, especially if you are feeling pretty well physically, is to do too much on your off days.  We're not 'spring chickens' anymore, and the most important thing we can do during these two days off work is 'NOTHING'.

Part of 'NOTHING' Wednesday was to take a very short drive over to Harden Coffee on Main Street around noon time to have a couple of cups of coffee and a pastry.  Yelp give them 4.5 stars on 23 reviews.  What a cool place to hang out!  Since this is a college town (home to Campbellsville University) we were the only oldsters hanging out.  I actually like the energy of this little coffee house, and that is what I would call it....a coffee house, not a coffee shop.....it feels like you are sitting in someone's living room.....

......I had a strawberry crumble pastry, and TLE chose a vanilla scone.  The coffee was 'soooo' good I did not add half and half, which I always add 99.9999% of the time.  I was about to add it when TLE said "You should try it without'......I did, and I was surprised at how good it was, so I took her advice.  We sat there talking, and catching up on the events of the day on our phones for over an hour before heading out to Walmart to pick up a few things before returning to the Newell for the rest of the day.  It was good to get out, and I think we'll return to Harden's a few more times before our time here is finished.

One thing I neglected to report upon was that when we went to get into the VW to drive to Harden's it wouldn't start.  The battery had been drained by the XM Radio receiver I had failed to turn off the last time I used the car a few days prior.  When it happened last Saturday I simply plugged the battery into a charger in the 50 amp start mode, and started the car.  We drove around town, and restarted the car several times, but that was apparently too little time to get it charged up again, so when we got in the car Wednesday it was too low to turn over the engine. This time when we got home I plugged the batter back in to slow charge on the 2 amp setting, and now, as I write, it is properly charged once again.

We took it easy the rest of the afternoon, and around 5:30 pm I turned on the Sea-B-Que to grill some carne asada for a taco dinner had planned for moi....she takes such good care of me!  While we ate we watched several recorded TV episodes, and then watched 'Survivor' live at 8 pm using our streaming capability on our Roku TV.

We were both in bed a little after 9 pm in an effort to maintain as much as possible our workday schedule.  The only difference is we will sleep in on our off days!  Our pay increase to $15/hour began this past Sunday (October 28th), so now we are making (combined) $300 per 10 hour shift, and $450 on our 5th day, which is paid at time and a half, or $22.50/hour.  Makes meandering around Amazon all day, five days a week feel pretty good when you look at it that way!

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  1. Hey Elaine and Clarke.....wanted to pop on say hello. Very awesome that Amazon decided to increase their rate of pay to $15.00.....what a bonus that is. My first year out in the RVing world I had applied to the same place your at to give the fullfillment center a try and was hired on but as life would have it issues came up with this old motorhome I had had purchased and I had to back out. At the time I wondered if I would be actually be able to do the job with all the hours of standing and walking. I had and still do have these darn bad knees. After reading your blog I think I would not have been able to do it. I think the issues with my RV was a way of the good Lord telling me I was not up to that and the fact that my RV may not have even made it....LOL. Take care you two.