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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A slight break in regular programming......

4:20 am - Tuesday - November 6th - Campbellsville, KY - 58º F, 93% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the southwest.......cloudy today with a forecast high of 62º F.  It rained all night long, sometimes ferociously.  There was lightning and thunder.....a good, old fashioned toad strangler!  Stopped raining just before we got up this morning.

So, our fourth consecutive 10 hour shift at Amazon is in the books.  Our feet are still doing fine, but we are both quite tired and ready for our work week to conclude.  Monday was a landmark day in that it was my turn to escape the gravitational pull of Building 'C'....a slight change in regular programming?

About 4 pm I got a message on my scanner that I was to move into Building 'B' to 'pick' in Pick Mods K and D, and that was really the highlight of my day.  Otherwise it was the same old same old.  My life is now defined in 2.5 hour segments, which are further subdivided into 15 minute breaks, 10 minute restroom breaks, and a 30 minute lunch for good measure.  In between the brief breaks from the endless tedium that is my 'picking' world I am wandering endlessly up and down one aisle after another mostly in Pick Mod 'E'.....four floors consisting of 99.99999% apparel related items ranging in size from tiny lapel pins to complete formal men's suits.  The only thing not there are shoes, but do not despair, there is a whole section in Building 'A' dedicated to shoes.

On the other hand, Pick Mods K has a lot of electronics related items, cell phone items, toys, and D is about 80% books.  D is an endless maze of narrow aisle, low ceiling rows of books stretching the length of a couple of football fields into the distance. It feels as if have gone down the proverbial rabbit hole.  When I say the aisles are narrow, I mean narrow.  In Pick Mod E you can easily turn your cart around in the aisles, but in D the aisles are about 1.5 carts wide.  Once you enter you must keep going straight, and if anyone attempts to enter your aisle they must wait until you exit, as there is no way for them to get by you.  TLE loves this section, but I do not.

Nonetheless, we are doing fine.  Mentally we are beginning to adjust to the boredom of the repetitive task world, and each day when we exit the concrete bunker I say to TLE ".....another $300 in the bank!" which lightens the mood just a bit as we trundle up the 1/4 mile hill to our sanctuary from boredom....our home.

While it is still quite dark in the mornings when we walk to work, it is still light when we exit Amazon, but within another week, or so it will be dark as we edge towards the winter solstice.  TLE heated up that second chicken enchilada casserole I mentioned a few days back, and we sat down to watch a few recorded TV episodes.  Our three hours before bedtime pass quickly, and soon we are shutting off the interior lights and pulling the covers up to our chins for another night of redemptive slumber.  Sleep comes quickly, but we are awakened about midnight by the raging storm.  There is about an hour when it is so loud it is difficult to sleep, but eventually the intensity eases somewhat and slip back off to dreamland.  4 am comes all to quickly and the wash, rinse, dry, repeat cycle begins once again.

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