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Thursday, November 8, 2018

RIP Chuck Z.......

6:55 am - Thursday - November 8th - Campbellsville, KY - 39º F, 80% humidity, 8 mph out of the north by northeast.......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 51º F.  Our weather outlook for the next 13 days.....

......notice the first two days, Friday and Saturday, in the first screenshot circled in red.....lows in the 20's.  Then look at the second set of two days also circled in red......lows in the 20's again, with possible snow on Tuesday with an overnight low of 21º F.....winter is coming ¡'mas rapido'!

Of course, then there is the amazing sunrise we are having as I write at 7:17 am Thursday!  I will live for today, and leave the freezing temperatures for another day.

Before I get into Wednesday's events I need to pause here and talk about my good friend Chuck Zimmerman who passed on from this life too soon.  I first met Chuck in 7th grade at a private school we attended.  We had a very small class.....just 14 students in all.....7 boys and 7 girls.  As one might imagine we were all good friends, and are still in contact to this day thanks to Facebook, and other social media outlets.....

Chuck and his wife Joy a few years ago

.....as preteens, and teenagers we shared many adventures which included canoe trips in the Northern Minnesota boundary waters, and on the Colorado River.  We went camping together many times.  We rode our bicycles everywhere in Junior High.....we played pickup baseball, basketball and football games on the weekends.  We pulled pranks on each other...we learned how to ride motorcycles together.....I could write a book on all the amazing times we shared together.  The last time I saw Chuck was in 1997 at our 30 year high school reunion.  He was doing well. He moved to Florida from Arizona for a number of years until he retired a couple of years ago and moved back to Arizona.  I had just been in contact with his wife Joy a couple of months ago when she messaged me asking if I remembered a camping trip she, Chuck, Elaine and I had taken in the summer of 1972 when Elaine was 7 months pregnant with our first son.  Out of the 14 kids in our 7th grade class just 9 remain in this life.  We all feel as if a piece of us died yesterday.  We are, after all, the sum total of all of our experiences, and all the people with whom we have shared time with on this earth.  RIP Chuck Z......you are dearly missed!

Wednesday was a day for small tasks.  I spent time raking the leaf accumulation off our artificial turf, attaching the 2019 tag to the license plate for the Newell, updated our insurance cards for both the VW and Newell, and made sure all the current registration info on both vehicles is where it can be located quickly.  I then spent time fabricating a sign which we will deliver to our friends in Inverness, Florida when we visit them in January.  They have this cool sign post in their yard......

....here is the beginning of our contribution.  I used my wood burning tools to begin the sign....there is a long way to go, but it is coming along....

.....I've got a lot more work before it is finished, but I am pleased so far, and so is TLE.  That, and the weekly black tank dumping was the sum total of my activities for Wednesday.  I spent time with my feet elevated, and took a few timely naps.  Around 5:15 pm we jumped in the VW to head into Campbellville to Brothers BBQ where we had dinner with friends Ed, Jackie, Bernie and Richard.  We met Ed and Jackie on our way to Maine, and Ed invited Bernie and Richard who are both Camperforce folk along with us.  I had the 'Full slab of St. Louis Spare Ribs' along with Ed.  Of course it was way too much to eat in one sitting, but there will be a couple more meals out of the leftovers for sure.  We talked endlessly for almost two hours, and had a wonderful time.  I wish I had memorialized the time with at least one 'usie', but I was remiss.  Yelp gives them 4.5 stars on 73 reviews, and TripAdvisor 5 stars on over 150 reviews.  I would be right at 4.5 stars.....amazing ambiance, beyond amazing food, and wonderful, personal service.   Sharing it all with good friends is just the icing on the proverbial cake.

We were home before 8 pm relaxing, and looking forward to another off day on Thursday.  I fell asleep in my recliner but awoke around 9:30 pm and joined TLE in slumberland a few minutes later.

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