Friday, March 1, 2019

The sister ship.....

7:38 am - Friday - March 1st - Wittmann, AZ - 53º F, 71% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the east by northeast.......very cloudy today with a forecast high of 74º F.....get that?  Yes, 74º F!

About 10 years ago I came into contact with a man (Steve) who had just purchased a 1982 Newell, which looked just like mine.  We became friends over time, and after doing some research found that our two Newells had virtually the same completion date in March of 1982.  I knew the first owner of my Newell was an attorney out of Cherry Hills, CO named Leonard Law.  Steve later found out the last name of the original owner of his Newell was also Law....related somehow?  Our VIN #'s are just one digit apart.....his was completed just before mine.  His Newell, at 38' in length, is 2 feet longer than mine.   In August of 2009 we traveled together to Creede, CO to attend a Newell rally, and became closer friends in the process.  I often refer to his coach as the 'sister ship'......

The 'sister ships' in Creede, CO

......I write that to say this......Steve and his wife are thinking about selling their Newell, and I would love to see this one go to someone I know........  

 Steve's 1982 Newell at the Parker Strip on the Colorado River

Steve's coach above and mine below....hard to tell the difference, no?

 They look very similar inside, but his wood veneer is a little lighter than mine (Steve's above, mine below)

......Steve found his Newell in Yuma, AZ in 2008 where it had been sitting unused for a number of years due to the death of the wife's husband.  It was in pretty rough shape at the time, but Steve bought her anyway and brought her back to life.  Thankfully she had been sitting in the dry Arizona desert.  Steve's 1982 Newell has the same engine mine does (Detroit Diesel 6v92 with turbo).  Steve was a Marine Surveyor in his workaday life and had come across a lot of 6v92's in commercial boats in his time, so knew a lot about them.  There is no deferred maintenance on this coach.  A few years ago he had his gear driven alternator rebuilt, and also fixed the tachometer.  I know the rear axle seals have been replaced, and the brakes relined during his tenure as owner.  The current odometer reading is 135,789.....these Detroit Diesel 6v92's are not even broken in until they pass 150,000 miles!

Steve and his wife typically take the coach to the Parker Strip each winter for a couple of months, which is where it is right now.  This will most likely be the last winter they do that, and would like to have it sold by next winter.  Steve has been a member our our Newell Gurus user forum for as long as I have, and his coach is featured on the website masthead.  If you are interested send me a text at 951.236.5312 with your contact information and I will relay it to him......

So, you might wonder, what happened Thursday?  Well, not much.....a lot of napping, some sitting in the sun, some reading, some more 'bad TV' watching, and just general post surgical recovery.  The healing continues to progress rapidly......TLE says I'm looking much better.....

......if you see me head on you would not know anything had happened, except the lump on my right cheek is gone......I won't gross you out this time with a side view, but it does look much better!

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  1. Took me awhile to figure out that yours has a paint stripe right under the windows and the "sister" does not. Both nice looking coaches.