Monday, April 15, 2019

How sublime.....

7:24 am - Monday - April 15th - Fontana, CA - 53° F, 54% humidity, wind - CALM......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 73° F.

Some might say "Let's talk about the elephant in the room....", but today I have to say, let's talk about the 'Tiger' in the was so improbable, so unimaginable, so unlikely, so against all conventional wisdom, and yet at the exact same time so delightful, wonderful, delicious, magnificent, and finally emotional.  Tiger Woods has now officially come all the way BACK. On Sunday he walked up the 18th fairway with a two stroke lead in The Masters.  To me it was surreal, almost like I was having a dream watching him sink the final putt to win the 2019 edition of The Masters.......

.......there were so many scenarios developing on the back 9 Sunday.....any number of 7,or 8 different guys could have won, but in the end it was Tiger standing alone with a 1 stroke lead.  He hugged his son, his mother, his daughter and girl friend.....all wearing 'Tiger red'.  It was so sublime.....what else is there to say?

Ironically, my brother-in-law has not yet figured out how to watch over the air TV on the TV in the 1984 Newell (I tried to figure it out for about an hour, but was not successful) so I invited him over to watch the end of The Masters. He didn't realize they had started early due to impending weather, so when he came in the door of our coach it was seconds before Tiger made the final putt to win The Masters.....perfect timing Glenn!

Once The Masters was over Glenn and I got busy taking care of a few more things on the 1984 Newell.  I installed a better hose bib on his city water connection that would not leak.  We adjusted the vents on each engine bay door outward to the 'middle' position so they grab  a little more air and force it through the engine compartment to keep the big Detroit Diesel a little cooler.  We also tightened all of the brass fittings on each MAC air valve to be sure they were tight hoping to find the source of the air leak that empties his supply air tank so quickly once the engine is shut down.  Finally, we discovered an exhaust leak in the passenger side engine compartment which we will address Monday morning.  

By the time we finished it was fast approaching 6 pm so I suggested we all get cleaned up and head over to Mariscos Del Pacifico for a later dinner......

 Bacon wrapped shrimp

.....I ordered my usual shrimp tacos, but TLE and Glenn ordered bacon wrapped there really such a thing? I know what I will be ordering next time!

.......we were home by 8 pm each bidding the other adieu for the evening as we headed to ur separate Newell Classics for the evening.  Sunday was a day that was perfect in every regard, and years from now people will be asking the question....."Where were you when Tiger won The 2019 Masters?

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