Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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8:14 am - Wednesday - April 17th - Fontana, CA - 55° F, 74% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the northeast......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 82° F.

We were up at 7 am to help Glenn and Laureen get underway for the next leg of their trip bac kto Texas.  Since they need to have the coach serviced (oil, coolant change, lube drive train, filters, etc.) I helped them make an appointment with Leo at All Aboard America for Wednesday morning.  Leo agreed they could spend the night when they arrived Tuesday for their Wednesday appointment.  When we arrived at their coach they were having breakfast......

.....we talked about what needed to be done before they could depart including disconnecting the city water, the electric and finally dumping their effluent......

......they wanted to take a few staged pictures before we did the waste tank deed.....

This one is my favorite....thank you Laureen!

Dumping and flushing their single waste was quite full!

.....I'm glad I helped them dump, because now I know how their system is quite different from mine, but at least I can answer questions for them if they arise in the future.

By 8 am they were ready to begin their travel to Mesa, AZ and All Aboard America.....

.....we said our 'until next times', exchanged hugs, and wished them safe travels.....only 1,330 miles until they reach Austin.

After their departure TLE and I got dressed and drove into Rancho Cucamonga to drop some donations at Goodwill, and to do a little junking.  I found a t-shirt I liked, and TLE a couple pairs of shorts for working this summer.  From there we headed a couple of blocks over to my son's office to go through all the stuff we have been storing in his warehouse on heavy duty shelving we purchased from Sam's Club about 10 years ago.  We ended up throwing away a lot of stuff, and making another trip to Goodwill with some more donations.  We managed to reduce our stuff on the shelves by over 1/3.  I have a lot of bicycle parts I had forgotten about, but now they are organized, and if I need any of them I know my son will be happy to ship them to me.

We were home by 3 pm watching a couple of English Premier soccer matches we had recorded, and before we knew it was 5 pm......we got a text message from Glenn and Laureen about 4:50 pm advising they had reached All Aboard America and were 'tucked in for the night'.  On their way they stopped just over the border into Arizona in Ehrenberg to 'pay the rent' for the first time taking on 109 gallons of diesel at $3.05/gallon.

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  1. Sounds like a good visit with Glenn and Laureen. They have a beautiful Newell. I've never seen inside one. The price for diesel is great, here in Canada it is $1.20/litre (US gal = 3.78 litres) or $4.53/US gal.