Saturday, September 14, 2013

Marching orders.....

I always get caught by surprise by Friday the 13th's....I never see them coming, and I guess that's because I'm not superstitious.  I am amused by all the attention afforded the number 13, and especially when it, infrequently, falls on a Friday.  For me it felt more like Saturday anyway.

First thing Friday I needed to finish detailing my Mom's Volvo, which, by the way, I found out is really a 2000, not a 2002.  I wanted to get a coat of wax on it, and some Armorall on the tires.  The wax I use, as you will recall, if the waterless cleaning/waxing system by Firecoat (  It works wonderfully, and is quick to apply.  By the time I finished it was going on 10 am, and we still hadn't taken our walk.

 Lookin' good Mom

My plan to finish detailing the car early before it got too warm fell flat, but we were determined to walk into town along the Centennial Bike Trail, so we did just that.  About half the trail passes beneath nice shade trees, but the first .75 miles is in direct sunlight going and coming.  We reached town around 11 am and took some time to sit in the shade enjoying the view across the lake.  While we sat there we got to see a pontoon plane land, and then as we began our walk back saw one take off.  TLE had never seen either a take off, or landing of one, so it was a treat for her.  I love this time of year in resort you can see, it is not crowded, and the place takes on a serene quality.  The weather is still great, but you know Fall and Winter cannot be far away.

By the time we made it back home we were grateful we had turned on the front A/C before leaving, because we were HOT after a 3.6 mile walk!  The high for the day ultimately hit at least 94 I think.  We took showers, and then headed into Spokane to return my Mother's car, and take her to lunch.  TLE hadn't seen her new apartment yet, so we spent some time upstairs in her unit, and then, at my urging (I was hungry) we headed down Regal to have lunch at a place called Hogan's Cafe Deluxe, a kind of 50's style diner.  My Mom, who has eaten there previously, recommended the Rueben sandwich, and what an amazing recommendation....I wish I had taken a picture of that of the top 2, or 3 I have ever had.  TLE gave it 4.5 stars.  Yelp gives Hogan's 3.5 stars, but we would give it a solid 4 for ambiance, service, and quality of food.  The order was easy for our server.....we all had the Rueben!

Trader Joe's is right next door to Hogan's so after lunch we had to stop in (right?) to stock up on some wine, and other things TLE likes to buy there when we find one.  As I have said before, their wine prices for their brands are amazing, and the quality is high.  While we were in Trader Joe's I got the call I had been waiting for from the Sugar Beet Harvest folks telling us when we needed to report.  Steve told me we need to be in Sidney by 9/22 (next Sunday) and ready for training the following day, so we will be pulling up anchor a couple of days early on Wednesday, instead of on Friday.  Our time here in Coeur d'Alene has passed quickly, but we have had a great time.  We'll spend the next few days packing up and getting ready to move.  By the time the Beet Harvest begins we will have been on the road for 20 months.

We dropped Mom off at her apartment around 3 and headed back to Coeur d'Alene.  We spent the rest of the day staying out of the heat, and reading.  Since we were both still full from the Hogan's Pastrami sandwich, we decided to forego dinner.  We caught up on a few recorded shows still in the queue, and then toddled off to slumberland around 11.

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