Thursday, September 12, 2013

The waiting game.....

Wednesday we had no big plans, but decided to walk over to Garnet Cafe for breakfast again....we still had about $22 left on the gift certificate.  We knew the temperatures would get into the low 90's so we started our walk 1.3 mile walk over around 8:45.  Being a Wednesday the cafe was not quite as crowded, but it was bustling nevertheless.  We were quickly seated by our server, and within a few minutes had our orders.  This time I had the Hayden Omelette with bacon, avocado, mushrooms, onions, etc.  Just as it was on our first visit, the food was remarkable, extraordinary.

You can tell the chef really takes pride in the food that comes out of the kitchen.  Along with the omelette came a large slab of sourdough toast....obviously homemade.....I didn't even put anything on it, except for the butter that had already been applied in the kitchen.  Very, very good sourdough. 

As we were walking over to the cafe we noticed the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store was having a 50% off sale on EVERYTHING in the store, so on the way back home we stopped off to see what was what.  Apparently this sale has been going on for a few days because the store looked like it had already been picked bare.  Not to be deterred, TLE headed for the book can't pass up .50 cent, you certainly cannot....TLE came away with TEN paperback books.  There was really nothing more for me so we continued our walk home.

We have been anxiously awaiting a phone call from the sugar beet harvest folks as to our arrival date in Sidney, MT, and were told Tuesday we should hear by Wednesday, but so far we are still waiting for a firm date.  We have been told we should plan to start arriving by 9/23, so unless we hear otherwise we will probably be departing no later than the 19th to give ourselves at least 4 days to travel 700+ miles.  But, for now, we are playing the waiting game.

Every two years I have to renew my Fire and Casualty insurance license for California.  In order to do that, like many states, I must complete continuing education courses, and since said license will expire September 30th it was time Wednesday to get that done.  Theoretically I am required to endure 24 hours of such education, but doing it online takes much less time....that's all I'll say....nevertheless, I was able to complete the requisite CE hours on Wednesday, so all that remains to be done is transferring money to the State of California to renew my license.  I think this will be my last renewal.  When September 30, 2015 comes around I may hang up my insurance spurs for good.  That's a long ways off, so I'll think more about that another day.

Once that was done I stood up and let out a little cheer that caught TLE"s attention back in the bedroom where she was making short work of a paperback....not sure if it was one of the new ones, or not.  I asked her if any books would be leaving the coach, and instead of answering me she asked if any of my large collection of t-shirts would be leaving.....okay, you've got me there.

I spent the rest of the day reading a book, and then around 6 pm got out the BBQ to grill some chicken breasts TLE had been marinating most of the afternoon.  She added broccoli and squash, and we had an amazing dinner. While we ate we watched a recording of the "So You Think You Can Dance?" finale from Tuesday night, and then watched live the finale for "Master Chef".  For once in my life I batted 1.000....I guessed in advance the male and female winner of "SYTYCD", and Master Chef....time to buy a lottery ticket, huh?

It was a nice way to end the day....thanks for stopping by!

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