Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Nuts and Bolts.......

Our dear weather guessers predicted rather boldly Sunday evening that we would have rain during the night, and possibly into mid morning Monday.  What actually happened was a very light sprinkling from about 8:30 to 9:30 am.....just enough moisture to show up on the windshield of the coach, but hardly noticeable if you were outside.  Don't get me wrong.......I'm happy it didn't rain, because there is no doubt in my mind that when it does rain, and it surely will at some point......this little RV park we are in will get a little muddy, so the longer it stays dry the better.

The workampers are steadily flooding in to our little park, and it is getting crowded......they really pack them in here.  The sugar beet harvest officially begins next Monday, September 30th, so I would think within the next couple of days we will be completely full.

Getting crowded....for sure

So here is our "hookup" situation.....we are plugged into a good 50 amp electrical service.  There are two hose bibs, one at the end of each double row of RV's (RV's are backed up to each other in two long rows).  As RV's come in the individual owners attach their water hose to a "Y" valve on the end of the hose, then put a "Y" valve on the end of their hose for the next RV.  Obviously we do not depend on the water pressure from the hose to pressurize the water system in our coach...we just fill up our fresh water tank, and run our water pump.  We only open the valve on the hose to refill periodically.  If we all used the hose water at the same time the water pressure would drop to zero.  

 Our electrical service....my cord is the one of the left, #11

My "Y" valve is the one connecting the two white hoses together....this is the "end of the line" so this connection supplies three RV's with water

Now, you're probably wondering about our waste water situation.  There is NO place to dump here, so they have a "honey wagon" come in every Monday and Thursday to pump out our gray and black tanks.  Normally we would not have had to dump our tanks this quickly, as we arrived here in Sidney with empty gray and black tanks having dumped them in Columbus last Saturday morning before we left the RV park, but I wanted to meet the guy running the "honey wagon" and show him where our dump valve was, and how to connect.  There are two dump valve standards used on RV's.....Valterra and Thetford.  Thetford valves (what we have)  are more often found on higher end RV's.  The connection diameter is slightly larger on Thetford valves requiring a larger connector.  I have an adapter that reduces the Thetford connection down to the Valterra standard.  As it turned out, I was glad I was there because of the angle Monty (the dump guy) must use to attach to our dump valve using his connector causes my adapter to leak while he is dumping.  So what I did after he left was attach my short flexible hose to my dump valve using a regular Thetford connector, and then on the other end attached a Valterra connector.  I told him I would just leave that on for the time we are here to make it easier for him, and less messy.  I know this sounds a little complicated, especially if you don't own an RV, so here are a couple of pictures to illustrate what I am talking about.

 The white fitting is the Thetford connector
The orange fitting is the Valterra connector

Since we don't need to dump our black tank but every 10-11 days I'll just leave a note for Monty every Monday and Thursday when we are at work advising what tank(s) to dump on that particular day.  I'm sure we'll dump the gray tank every chance we get so we don't have to worry about taking showers....plus we can even use the washer/dryer if need be.

I spent the better part of the morning completing my tax forms for the Fed's, Kentucky and California, then printing out all the forms, 1099's, and W2's for attachment.  Right in the middle of all of that we ran out of black ink, so TLE, who had to go shopping anyway, headed out to get a couple of black ink cartridges for our HP printer/scanner/copier.  Since we filed for a six month extension they aren't due until 10/15, but we will be in the middle of the sugar beet harvest 12 hour days by then and I won't have time to do anything but  work, eat and sleep.

Watched the Monday night NFL game between Oakland and Denver......Peyton Manning continues to amaze.  He set a new record for number of touchdowns in the first three games of a season with 12, breaking Tom Brady's record of 11.  On top of that he has had NO interceptions in the first three games.

That was our day.....Tuesday is starting out with clear blue skies.....just what we want....it may get to 72 today.  Every day without rain is a great day!

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