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Monday, November 9, 2015

All we really wanted.....

It's been a while since we could just sit outside sipping a cup of coffee enjoying the local ambiance, and the sun on our faces......when we began our journey south from Spokane we didn't expect to be able t do it every day, but we did expect to be able to it a couple times a week.....that's what we get for having expectations.  The weather has not cooperated even a little.  It has been consistently cold, windy, cloudy, rainy and snowy.  Usually one expects, reasonably, that the further south one travels the odds of encountering warmer weather increase with each mile......it only took 970 of those miles to find warmer weather.....right here in Bishop, CA.

Sunrise Sunday brought us clear blue skies, temperatures rising to the mid 60's, no wind, and an opportunity to sit outside at Schat's Bakery drinking coffee and eating pastry.  To do so required no watch caps, winter coats, gloves, or long pants......so that is what we chose to do, just because we could.  We left the coach around 1100 to take a leisurely walk around town, and our first stop was, indeed, Schat's Bakkery where TLE ordered a cream puff, and I a chocolate eclair to go with our coffees.

We picked the completely unoccupied alfresco section to sit and enjoy the morning, and that lasted for about 20 minutes until three ladies with kids arrived to sit at the table right behind me with all the attendant noise that accompanies such entourages.  At one point one of the ladies even apologized for their loud talking, but then when right back to the loud talking.  I was thinking to myself that if she was sorry it would have gotten quieter quickly, but it didn't.  Ah well, that's why we have feet, right?  We were almost done anyway so we disposed of our trash, and headed across the street to the local park where peace and quiet once again ensued........

.......yes, serenity restored.......we meandered around the park for about 30 minutes before moving on to the local Safeway supermarket to snag some half & half arriving back home around 1230......

Enjoying the park

.....of course, this was Sunday and NFL football was calling to me, but I did spend about half the afternoon outside puttering around in the trailer (the TV was on), and just walking around in the sun with flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt as my only shield against the elements.  Regrettably, not one team  I rooted for won their game......well, I take that back.....the Giants did win, but otherwise the Broncos lost a close game, the Packers lost a close game, and the Patriots won......okay I take it back one more time.....the Cowboys lost to the Eagles, so it wasn't a total wash.  Funny how I focused on the negative there, huh?

We'll hang around one, or two more days here depending on when the thirty foot 50 amp replacement cord arrives Tuesday......if it comes in early we will move 60 miles down the road to Lone Pine for one night, then on to the coast.

Thanks for stopping by!

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