Sunday, November 10, 2019

A mindset reset........

7:21 am - Sunday - November 10th - Ramona, CA - 41° F, 62% humidity, wind - CALM.....clear, blue skies once again today with a forecast high of 82° F.

We have been here at RORVR since April 25th and as of Saturday we had never hiked any of the numerous trails at our disposal right here in the park, let alone in the area around Ramona.  I love to hike, and explore, but have had no interest since my heart attack in hiking anywhere, let alone here.  As I recovered from my heart attack I was content to just rest up each weekend from my job.  I feel much stronger and fit now after a summer of hard work around RORVR, and finally feel ready to get back to a more normal, for us, active lifestyle outside of work.  Saturday morning I decided to push the 'reset button' on my mindset.  I retrieved our Leki hiking poles from the trailer, and with TLE began our hike at the fire road behind the barn.....

.......the first couple hundred yards of this fire road are steep.....probably in the neighborhood of 9-10%, but within minutes you are treated to beautiful, long views....

 Happy to be hiking once again

.....we took a detour off the main fire road to hike one of the trails Rich and Dave have been working on the last couple of months.  It leads up to a large rock outcropping before circling back to the fire road.....↴

.....from that vantage point I saw something I had not previously seen from the fire road....a teepee in the distance........↴

....from there we made it to the highest point in the park.....the microwave tower.......↴

......we meandered down the fire road to the next trail, built by Rich before we arrived at RORVR......he marked the trail with wooden stakes on which he applied light blue paint.....they are great trail markers......↴

.....unlike the first trail we followed, this one can be hiked, or biked.  I'm looking forward to putting my mountain bike down this trail in the near future!   On the first trail we hiked Rich and Dave used these small 'flags' to mark the trail....also very effective.......↴ the time we arrived back at the Newell we had covered just over 2 miles.  I think I am ready to do some more hiking, not only here at RORVR, but on some of the local hiking trails between us and Poway/Escondido.

Late Friday our new pop up dining canopy (Ozark Trails - 10'x10') arrived via FedEx.  Our original Ozark Trails canopy was an 8'x8' one, and only cost $39 at was, obviously, very cheap, and the intense summer UV rays did it no kindness.  By mid October after a few Santa Ana wind events the blue canopy of that original canopy was torn in about a dozen places so I ordered a little more expensive, better made Ozark Trails canopy off eBay.  I chose a maroon color, which blends in much better with our color scheme.......↴

The new (above) and the former (below)

....of course, Saturday means NCAA college football, so I setup the outdoor TV and settled in to watch a few hours of good college football.  The best game of the day had LSU (ranked #3 nationally) playing Alabama (ranked #2 nationally) in Tuscaloosa, AL.  At the end of the first half LSU was up 33-13......just shy of 3 touchdowns, but in the second half Alabama fought back getting within 5 points at one time, but LSU prevailed holding off Alabama 46-41......a great game that could have gone either way.

TLE made carne asada tacos for dinner....the perfect end to a perfect Saturday....thanks for stopping by!

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