Thursday, November 7, 2019

So many screws.......

7:12 am - Thursday - November 7th - Ramona, CA - 44° F, 76% humidity, wind - CALM.....clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 82° F.

TLE and I began our Wednesday speed walking one lap around RORVR.....part of our renewed effort to get more fit.  We'll be mixing in weekend hikes on local mountain trails for good measure....I love the Fall!

We were at work before 8 am.  I took care of the pool, horseshoe pits, and mini golf by 10:30 am, and then returned for the rest of the day to the fence project.  It is difficult to believe that I am now within a day, or two of being done.  I ended up taking apart 13 sections of fence before beginning to dig 10 post holes.  Thankfully, there were only two, or three with rock/cement issues.  I finished digging the last post hole around 2:30 pm, then retrieved 8 posts, and 13 split rails from the storage yard to begin piecing together the fence once again.  I had to use the 'panorama' option on my phone to take in 13 sections all at once.......

.....many of the posts in this section were not reusable, and after pulling 8 new posts out of the storage area I am down to 6 posts to finish the final sections.  Fortunately, most of the posts in that section are still usable.  So, I have finished the fence up to just behind the trailer in the background of the second picture.....that is just 5 sites away from our site, and the fence ends just past our site behind site #74.  Larry, one of the owners of RORVR, stopped by to compliment me on my work not only on the fence, but the two paths.  It's always nice to know what you are doing is appreciated, right?

By the time I hauled away two days worth of of fence waste (old posts, and rails) it was just before 4 pm, so I returned my tools to the tool shed, and bid adieu to TLE who was driving into town after work to pick up some milk, half and half, and a few other items we forgot when we shopped last weekend.

This is just 2 days worth of screws I have been removing from the old fencing before I can take it apart

Just after I got out of the shower she was home, and we settled in for the evening.  A few days ago I retrieved our portable's that time of year again.  I love being able to turn it on with the remote without getting out of bed.  By the time we get up, the coach is warm, and comfortable!

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