Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Signs of the times.....

6:43 am - Wednesday - November 27th - Ramona, CA - 45° F, 80% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the east by northeast......cloudy with rain forecast to begin around 8 am......high today is forecast to be 56° F.....the view this morning......↴

Tuesday I was back to my somewhat normal routine.....pool, horseshoe pits and mini golf course.  The horseshoe pits were heavily used over the weekend, and needed a lot of attention.  There were very few leaves on the mini golf holes, but about half of the golf balls were missing this time.  I found two of them, but still had to replace a bunch.  All of that took me up to lunch time.

After lunch I joined Rich to install one of our two new road signs......

.....our current sign, which is right at the entrance just has the name of the park, and by the time you see it you are passing the entrance.  The new signs have the name, a description of our services, the phone number, and website address. We placed one of the new signs about 100' west of the entrance on Highway 78 so it can be easily seen by those traveling eastbound.  The second sign will be placed about 100' east of the entrance so it can be seen as you are going west, well before the entrance, probably next week after the current rain storm passes through.

That took me right up to 3 pm, which was my quitting time Tuesday as I needed to go with TLE into town (another chiropractic appointment) to get my hair cut for Thanksgiving.  I waited in the car for TLE to finish her appointment, then we drove over to Supercuts.  While I got my haircut, TLE bought a few last minute items for Thanksgiving dishes she is preparing.  I was in the chair getting my ears lowered within a couple of minutes, and TLE arrived just as my stylist was finishing.  We headed directly next door to Rubio's Coastal Grill for 'Taco Tuesday''s been a couple of months since we had some of their wonderful fish tacos.

Apparently, just as we were leaving the park to head into Ramona a water line broke in the office parking lot.  When we returned around 4:45 pm Rich and Dave had already rented a pavement cutting machine from town, had cut out a 3'x 3' piece of pavement, and had a hole dug down about 3 feet to the shutoff valve.  Fortunately the leak was right at the shut off valve, and they had it repaired before 7 pm.

Wednesday we head north after work to spent Thanksgiving with our kids......thanks for stopping by!

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