Saturday, November 9, 2019

Something new......

7:57 am - Saturday - November 9th - Ramona, CA - 49° F, 48% humidity, wind - CALM...clear, blue skies again today with a forecast high of 87° F.

Short Friday began with another early morning speed walk around RORVR......

 Beginning our 'walk about' around 6:25 am

.....we were back home by 6:50 am after covering exactly 1.45 miles in just over 25 minutes averaging 3.5 miles an hour, and consuming around 261 caloric units.  All that activity and we still had over 2 hours before we reported to work.

On Fridays I spend whatever time is needed cleaning the pool for our weekend customers....not that anyone will brave its very cold 60° F temperature, but you never know, right?  Just as I was finishing the vacuuming portion of my morning a general call went out over the radio telling all workers to report to the office for a meeting.  I had not yet put away the vacuum hose, so I left that for later and headed down to the impromptu meeting.

Each year in November everyone's hours are cut back as there is less work being done, and Friday was the day.  TLE had 5 hours shaved off her hour per day....not bad.  Everyone, including the managers, had their hours cut.....except for me...I'm still working my normal 32 hours per week, plus a extra 30 minutes (times 3) for closing the park 3 nights a week for a total of 33.5 hours per week.

After the meeting (around 11:30 am) TLE left with me to help me finish putting away the pool equipment, and then finished our short Friday with me putting the finishing touches on the decorative fence next to Cabin #34.......

.......we finished fitting the split rails to the posts (some had to be shortened), and then set the posts by filling in each post hole and packing down the dirt by 12:15 pm, then spent the last 45 minutes hauling fence waste material up to the big roll away dumpster in the storage area.

We left our EZ-GO cart for Dave to use in the afternoon, and walked home.  Within minutes we were relaxing outside in our anti gravity chairs, enjoying the first 1/2 day of our 2.5 day weekend.  I read for a while, and then began checking a few internet sites for an ebike I have been wanting to purchase.  Our manager, Rich, bought a couple of Haibike ebikes for he and his wife a few months ago, and he has let me ride his a couple of times.  I have been intrigued by the electric assist (Yamaha 500 watt electric motor).  Rich paid close to $3,000 each for the two Haibike SDURO full 7 bikes he bought for he and his wife, so when I found a 2018 SDURO full 7 LT 6.0 model on eBay with less than 10 miles on it for just $2,000 I pulled the trigger and bought it...... is a full suspension mountain bike with 6" of travel front and rear.  There are four levels of electric motor assist.  When I have ridden Rich's Haibike I have used it on the lowest electric assist setting, and was amazed at how much a little extra assist helped in climbing very steep trails.  You still get the exercise, but don't reach the top of the hill with 'jelly legs', which means I can ride longer and get more exercise and enjoyment.  I will now be looking for one for TLE.

Around 4:30 pm I lit the Sea-B-Que in preparation for the grilling of two petite filet mignons.  I pulled them off the Sea-B-Que just shy of 10 minutes at a perfect medium rare temperature......

.....we remained outside eating, drinking some Pinot Noir, and talking until close to 6:30 pm.  What a wonderful way to end another great week at RORVR!

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