Wednesday, August 5, 2020


7:55 am - Wednesday - August 5th - Coeur d'Alene, ID - 64° F, 68% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the east......clear, blue, warm skies today with a forecast high of 91° F.  On this day in 2013 we were having brews and a late lunch at Flathead Lake Brewing Company.......↴

After all the socializing Sunday and Monday we were quite happy to just be home Tuesday decompressing.  We both love socializing with friends and's the best, but it does wear us down.  I spent about an hour out on the 'Lido Deck' cleaning a couple of months of dirt and dust off my Haibike SDURO, but that was the extent of my physical activity. I had considered going for a ride, but by the time I finished cleaning the bike it was getting hot, and time to retreat to the Newell interior, and turn on the A/C.  We are almost through this hot spell, but by the time it ends we will be on the move westward once again.

Most of the rest of the day was spent reading, and awaiting notice that my new 1upUSA bike rack had been delivered.  We have used a Kuat bike rack for years, but with the purchase of our new eBikes, and their much heavier weight we decided we needed a heavier duty bike rack.  When we were in Keystone visiting our friends Rich and Marnie, who also have eBikes, we saw they had bought a new bike rack for the same reasons.  It is made by, and is designed to handle bike tires up to 29", and up to 50 lbs. per bike.  Our Kuat does not handle tires over 27" well at all, and you can tell the weight is testing its limits......

.....we were so impressed with the design and functionality of this bike rack that we ordered one directly from their website.  They have become so popular that they were on back order for about 3 weeks.  We knew we would near my sister, who lives in Spokane, near the end of that time so we ordered it.  We got the notice around noon time it had been delivered to my sister's home, so we will drive over to Spokane Wednesday to get it.

We are currently in Kootenai County, Idaho where there have been 14 deaths over the past 5 months, and 1,633 confirmed cases over that same period of time.    So, obviously, the hospitals in the area are not, and have never been overwhelmed, and life goes on pretty normally.  We, obviously, continue to be asymptomatic, and frankly I would be surprised if we were not.

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  1. CDA Elks is one of my favorites....If Bill the host is still there, say howdy!
    From David with the tan older Winnebago...
    My plan was to head that-a-ways 10 days ago..I've been waiting for my non-resident Montana Pass..It showed up the other day,now waiting for the heat to drop a bit, and maybe the plague to settle down a bit..
    Safe Travels!

  2. Always nice to have a pretty much do nothing day after your busy day the day before. The lake was gorgeous and looks like a great way to have spent that day with friends!