Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Getting trimmer.......

7:14 am - Tuesday - August 18th - Coupeville, WA - 60° F, 83% humidity, wind 11 mph out of the southwest.....heavy cloud cover today with a forecast high of 68° F....the view this morning.......↴

.....on this day in 2012 we visited Multnomah Falls (Oregon) for the first time........↴

Bob and Karen own a little over 5 acres here in Coupeville and there is never a shortage of yard work.  I love spending time when we visit doing things to help them keep their environment looking good.  When we first arrived I asked them if I could do some weed whacking, and perhaps pressure wash their driveway while we were here, and they gladly accepted my offer.  Bob has a barn full of late model Stihl power tools (weed whackers, tree trimmers, chain saws, blowers, edgers, shrubbery trimmers, etc.) that would rival, or exceed what most campgrounds in which we have toiled over the years have in stock, and a trailer with a state of the art commercial pressure washer replete with heated water, which I have used in years past to pressure wash their pavement, and even steam clean my radiator.

Around 10 am I met Bob at the upper barn and he showed me how to use the weed whacker.  Once I was oriented I was off to the races spending about 2 hours cleaning up the wooden stair cases on the property, trimming weeds around their three storage units, and cleaning up the edge of the driveway.......  

.....I even took time to clean the weeds out of the cracks in the pavement.  Once all the trimming is done I'll fire up the pressure washer and clean the rear patio, and all of the paved driveway down to Harrington Lagoon......

.....after that I took a long, hot shower, then retired to the 'Lido Deck' to read, and nap.  My current book is 'The Time it didn't Rain' (Elmer Kelton)....a very interesting book about the terrible west Texas drought in the 1950's which lasted some 7 years.

TLE and I ate in for dinner....we have a lot of leftovers from our past few dinners....and then joined Bob and Karen in their living room to watch a series on Netflix called 'Travelers'......very intriguing!

Life is good here on the banks of Harrington Lagoon, and we are loving the much cooler weather.....the next 15 days shows an endless string of days with highs in the mid 60's....so glad we are not in SoCal where I saw the temps are over 100° F the past few days, and more of that today (Tuesday) with a forecast high of 109°.  Our highs and lows here in Coupeville are about 8-10 degrees apart.

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  1. Hey things look great there! So awesome you have friends there you can stay with and enjoy the beauty. Since the fire in 2017 the scenic route to the falls has been closed and with COVID the falls are now closed. I love those falls, was able to go a few times when my son was living in Portland several years ago. In 2018 I made a stop while on a road trip back here to WA which was a year after the fire.