Saturday, June 10, 2017

Decision time.....


5:49 am - Saturday - 44º F, 63% humidity, wind 12 mph out of the wind whatsoever here at TVC......this is the last morning we will wake up in TVC this year.....we will be rolling our wheels before noon time!

Friday was 'pack it up' day.....this day comes every year....just not in June.  As is our habit here at TVC we deploy most of our stuff during our stay, and thinking about putting it all away in one day seemed an impossible task.  We had allotted two full days to get ready to roll our wheels on Sunday morning, but by early afternoon (2 pm) it was obvious to both of us that we would be ready to roll on Saturday.  By that time I had been working for 6 straight hours, and I was tired!

The most difficult task of the day would be to turn our trailer around so we could drop it on the hitch of the Newell Saturday.  We used our 'Trailer Valet' once again to maneuver the trailer around without having to move the Newell.  It took the better part of 90 minutes, but with TLE's help we got it done, and now our site looks like this.......

.....all that is left to do is to pull the Newell forward Saturday morning, drop the trailer on the hitch.....pull forward, open the rear of the trailer, slide the artificial turf in on the floor, then load the VW.

I mentioned in yesterday's post that there was a 40% chance of rain, and that when it has been below 50% it usually doesn't rain, and it never really did rain, however, it did mist and drizzle on and off most of the afternoon.

Friends and co-workers continued to stop by to say their 'until next times' all day, and around 5;30 we met John and Deb for dinner at Margaritas Mexican Cafe.....John and Deb started working summers here at TVC the same year we did (2014) and we have become good friends over that time.  We had a wonderful time reminiscing, laughing and drinking two pitchers of Margaritas.  By the way, the food was exceptional.....I can't believe we haven't been to this restaurant before!  It was a wonderful way to end our tenure here at Tahoe Valley Campground.

We have made our decision regarding the job we will accept for the balance of the summer, and we are very excited about our choice!  We plan to take 4-5 days to get there, but we must be on site by the 15th to do our orientation.  More to follow on our ultimate destination!

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  1. Nice to talk some time off and get back on the road for a bit. Enjoy your travels and new job.