Saturday, June 3, 2017

It is done....

7:44 am - Saturday - 59º F, 70% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the north northwest.......

We received a call Friday evening from the District Manager who oversees TVC approving our transfer out of TVC, but now we have to wait for the approval of the District Manager which is responsible for San Benito to approve our transfer in to San Benito.....that decision will not be known until Monday morning at earliest.  

So, our days at Tahoe Valley Campground have come to an abrupt end.  As I sit here contemplating the events leading up to this moment I am sobered, and sad.....yes, even a little depressed.  I have examined my part in this result and must admit some of my choices on how to handle the problems we were encountering at TVC were unwise, and either contributed directly, or indirectly to our untimely departure.  

It was not my intent to do so, but some of you have gotten the impression we were unhappy with folks at the corporate level.....that is not the case.  Our issues were with on site personnel.  Those at what I would call the corporate level have been, and continue to be nothing but supportive and understanding, and took immediate, swift action to fix the problems we discussed with them.  Unfortunately, we did things out of proper sequence, and some of the things I wrote in my blog put them in an unfair position.......'behind the 8 ball' if you will.  I can be my own worst enemy at times, and this was one of those times.

At any rate we will be moving on with our lives, hopefully a little wiser for the experience.

Thank you for your support and for stopping by!

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  1. Sometimes decisions are difficult to make, but nonetheless they are yours right or wrong. Best to move onward and upward , good luck and hope all works out for the better.

  2. I've followed your blog for several years now and enjoy your "up front" views. Doesn't work ethics, seniority, position, and the fact you "brought in" some of the people there, come into play here? Hopefully you can get into more detail in the future. As stated above, its probably best to move on, however its fairly obvious you really enjoyed being there. Bob