Wednesday, June 7, 2017



7:20 am - Wednesday - 42º F, humidity 65%, wind 3 mph out of the south......clear blue skies from horizon to horizon with a forecast high of 75º F.....suweet!

Tuesday was our first day back at work since last Wednesday.  It was also TLE's first time working outside here at TVC......she has worked nothing but the front desk the past three seasons, and this was her fourth season in that position.  At any rate I figured it would take her a little time to get acclimated to performing a physical job at 6,300' elevation.....I was wrong....she took right to it......

.....when we began our day around 9 am I figured, based on my progress working by myself that it might take us a week to finish the last 100' of the Group Area fence.....I was wrong.  With TLE's assistance work progressed at three times the rate I had managed previously.....

.....we worked steadily until 11:30 when we took our lunch break, and made a run to Scotty's TruValue Hardware to pick up some more 'threaded rod' to keep working.  By 3 pm we had finished SEVEN sections for the day, leaving just 5 more.  

One of the things I thought would take a substantial amount of time was finding enough poles 10.5' or longer.  In just an hour working with TLE we found enough poles around the campground to close all 12 remaining sections......attaching those poles to the fence posts is the easy part......finding them ended up being easier than I thought.....nothing like having an extra set of eyes, right?

A pano of Tuesday's accomplishments

We returned to the maintenance yard to put away our tools, and to wash the Yamaha golf cart we had been using all day, then began our walk back to the office/store to punch the clock.....6 hours of work, and a lot accomplished!

About 4:30 pm I received a call from the San Benito manager we had interviewed with over the weekend advising he was not being allowed to hire us.  He was very apologetic.......he was very circumspect about what he said, which was strictly that he was not being allowed to hire any rate, now our path is clear.  We have submitted applications to other companies who run concessions at various National Parks across the U.S., and will be interviewed Thursday morning for one of those positions.  We are more than excited about getting a job at this National Park.

We had made plans to have our friend, Art, over for dinner at 5:30 pm......Tuesday was Art's last day working here this year.  He is heading back to Yellowstone National Park to work the balance of the summer.  We spent time talking with him about his future plans, and had a lovely goodbye dinner.

So, there you have it.....our tenure within the Equity Lifestyles, Inc. network as come to an abrupt end.  I was telling TLE that in some respects this has been a blessing in disguise.  We had become content to work at TVC every summer, and had been deferring our travel plans year after year.  It's time to get back out there and explore new opportunities, and that is exactly where we find ourselves on the 7th day of June, 2017.

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  1. Clarke, I admire your honesty and your willingness to put yourself out there. Stuff happens in life and you can either let it defeat you or challenge you to better experiences and it looks like you have chosen the latter. This will bring nothing but good things for you both, I'm convinced of it. Onwards!

  2. Nothing like a new challenge to give you a new outlook on life. Good luck with the National Parks.

  3. I was wondering why you were living in the RV and staying in basically in one spot....thought you might as well sell it, and buy a house nearby and live like the rest of us non travelers. This next year I'm looking to buy a used small diesel van (like sprinter/Mercedes 18-20') so we can become summer nomads!

  4. Whenever a door closes, another one opens! Good luck, enjoy whatever is be hind that next door!

  5. Whenever a door closes, another one opens! Good luck, enjoy whatever is be hind that next door!

  6. I see Big Basin near Santa Cruz is looking for Camp Hosts - that might be great duty!

  7. Those of us who continue to visit TVC will remember your contributions - many thanks! (that fence will be one of your legacies!)

  8. Shake the dust from your feet and move on. Apparently this is providence at work. Best wishes as the next chapter of your journey unfolds!

  9. At least you now have an opportunity to forge on with a new plan. That is often good news. You have contributed a lot to TVC by the looks of it. Any National Park will be lucky to have you both. Good luck!

  10. Here is to more adventures! You will land somewhere beautiful