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Monday, June 19, 2017

YNP: Day 3 - Our 'Friday'......


8:31 am - Monday - 53º F, humidity 70%, wind 2 mph out of the east......high, wispy clouds, but mostly blue skies.....forecast high is 83º F!  I know.....yesterday I write that I have a hard time sleeping past 7:30 am, and the very next day, today, I don't wake up until after 8 am....lol!  Kind if nice though.....after 4 days of learning a new job my brain is ready for a break.

So, Sunday was our 'Friday', and we had the 'MID' shift (11 am to 7 pm).  After a leisurely morning we got in the car about 10:30 am to make the 5 mile drive up to MHS (Mammoth Hot Springs) to begin our work day.  There was a pretty long line at the Roosevelt Arch......

The Roosevelt Arch circa 1903

A more recent photo.....it is pretty much unchanged after 114 years

.....but we were only delayed about 5 minutes before continuing on our way to the MHS General Store arriving just before 10:50 am, and within minutes we were back in the saddle.  Initially it was not a very busy day, but eventually the tour buses began to arrive, and we would go through 30 minute stretches of being 'slammed', and then the store would be virtually empty again.  I spent time retrieving various products for cashiers when the item they had would not scan, retrieving additional product from the various 'back stock' areas in the store, helping bag customer purchases, opening the various security cases in the store for customers to more closely examine knives, jewelry, etc., heating up the large salted pretzels we sell, and whatever else needed to be done.  Occasionally I would step outside to enjoy the beautiful views....

 The Mammoth Hot Springs travertine terraces

.....it's a little easy to get so involved with learning a new job that you forget to stop occasionally and just 'smell the roses'.....we work in such a beautiful setting!

TLE finished her last of three days doing her cross training in the Fountain......

.....I will be there for 5 days beginning this Wednesday......all through the day I could occasionally hear her lilting laughter.......she can have a good time no matter what she is doing!

We were off precisely at 7 pm, and on our way home with the sun still in the sky for a change.  We stopped at the beginning the 7% grade to snap a few pictures....

......we have only been in YNP for 4 days, and have not even really scratched the surface of what there is to see, but we are completely and hopelessly in love nonetheless!

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