Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Forest port......

7:57 am - Wednesday - September 23rd - Seal Rock, OR - 63° F, 88% humidity, wind 22 mph out of the south......rain and wind forecast for today with a forecast high of 64° F.  On this date in 2014 we were taking a hike near Port Orford, OR.......↴

I love these 2-3 hour workdays!  Just about the time I begin to need a break it's time to clock out.  Tuesday Terry and I spent most of my shift working around the home of the owner of Seal Rocks RV Cove.  He lives in Florida, but comes out to Oregon on a pretty regular basis.  The home was built in the 1920's before there was a coast highway (US-101).  It is located on the hill above the RV park.  The owner is due to arrive here this week so we spent some time mowing the grass, and trimming away weeds via a STIHL string trimmer manned by moi....

The view from the owner's home

The backyard (mowed and edged)

The backside of the house facing the ocean addition to the work on the owner's home we picked up some more cuttings from our hedge trimming foray the day before and it was time to head for home.  I'm slowly getting the hang of the layout here, and where everything is.  Taking it in short 2-3 hour doses makes it easier to take it all in.  

I worked 3 hours (10 am to 1 pm) Tuesday, because it's supposed to rain Wednesday which will limit work on Wednesday.  There are a couple of indoor projects I upon which I can focus Wednesday, but not much else.  It appears we will be getting daily rain for the next week, but then it appears we will have sun for the next 7 days....such is the lot of Coastal Oregon dwellers.  TLE worked in the office from 11 am to 1 pm, so was able to go home with me at 1 pm.

On the satellite TV front we have great DirecTV reception here in site A-3, and utilizing our U.S. Celluar phone for broadband are able to stream programs as we wish.  The Verizon broadband signal is very spotty here at Seal Rocks RV Cove so our phones are connected to the campground WiFi most of the time enabling us to get emails, texts and internet.  If we need to make, or receive a cell phone call we take our phones off 'Airplane Mode' as we usually get at least 1 bar of 3G which is more than enough for phone calls.  My laptop is connected to the campground WiFi also, enabling me to publish my latest missive each day.

We love our close proximity to both Newport and Waldport for shopping and 'junking', but also love the relative remoteness where we live....the best of all worlds.  Waldport, interestingly enough, was settled and named by German settlers who floated down the Alsea River from the Oregon interior in the 1870's.  Wald is German for 'forest' 'forest port' may recall that my last name is Hockwald (German spelling  is Hochwald), and, of course, the 'wald' part also means forest.....the Hock, or Hoch part means 'high' in, 'high forest'.

Once again we whiled away the afternoon reading, and watching the next storm move into the area.  Since pretty stiff winds are forecast for Wednesday we proactively stowed the patio awning around 6 pm....better to stow it when we are not under duress, rather than having to stow in in the middle of the night when it is raining and the wind is blowing.....not do I know?

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  1. Your R.V. park has the best website with campsite photos I've seen...
    Maybe I'll stop by next month if the Stanislaw N.Forest opens their campgrounds..The Oregon State Parks want to nail we aliens with a 30% outlandish surcharge...