Saturday, September 26, 2020


 7:58 am - Saturday - September 26th - Seal Rock, OR - 55° F, 100% humidity, wind - CALM once again.......partly cloudy today with NO forecast of rain today, or until next Saturday with a forecast high today of 62° F.

(I was reading what I wrote on this date in 2013.....sometimes I am surprised at how erudite I can be at times, and thought I would share my thoughts from 7 years ago again today since this is one of those days I run into on occasion where my mind draws a blank on what to write.)

From September 26, 2013: 

"Sometimes, like today, I wake up and wonder "what am I going to write about Wednesday (or whatever day I'm writing about at the time) that is noteworthy, or interesting, or informative?".  Sometimes I sit staring at the "Post" title box above for what seems like a long, long time trying to figure out what one word, or phrase will convey the gist of the day just passed.  Sometimes I think it would just be easier to take a day off, and post a link to the same date from a year ago.  Sometimes I just start with one word, like "Sometimes" and start writing what comes into my mind........okay, well not everything that comes into my mind.....just the stuff fit for civil society.  Sometimes I have the utmost respect for those who make their living "writing" books, or articles, and I do most of the time, but sometimes I think "they're good at what they do because they are just being themselves and writing about whatever comes into their minds, and for the most part their thoughts put on paper, or in digital format are consistently interesting to a lot of people", and therefore, they become popular.

When I first started this blog I only posted when we did something, mostly when we took a trip in the coach, or after we went full time, if we rolled our wheels that day.  It wasn't until we arrived at in Campbellsville, KY last October that I decided if I was going to become any good at this blogging stuff I needed to write something every single day, whether, or not "I thought" what we did might seem interesting, or informative to others.  What I found was that people just wanted to know about the experience, no matter how mundane it seemed to me.  I get comments often now from people who started reading my blog back then when I was writing on a daily basis about our Amazon experience.  At any rate, here I have written several hundred words about "sometimes".  I hope what I write about our daily life lived in an RV traveling around the U.S.  is interesting sometimes, but hopefully it is interesting most of the time.

Wednesday did not involve a lot, in my own mind, to write about......I started off as I always do pouring cup of coffee from our Starbucks Barista automatic coffee maker, which, by the way makes quite excellent coffee.  Then I pour a little half and half into it and watch it swirl, and change the color to a lighter brown.  I actually look forward to getting up in the morning just to have that first cup of dark roast just makes me happy.  Then I turn on my laptop, and sit down to stare at the blank screen that is waiting to be filled with something that I hope will be interesting to others."

Present day:

Those who know me relatively well know I am a creature of habit.  I still follow virtually the same routine each morning that I did 7 years ago.  Sometimes something happens and my routine is altered for a few days like when I had my heart attack 18 months ago, or my double hernia operation 7 years ago, or in the summer of 2019 when I was going to work at 7 am, and writing my missives in the afternoon, or my stroke in December of 2017, but the rest of the time, barring any unforeseen circumstances I am sitting at my computer first thing each morning with a cup of coffee.....we no longer have our Starbucks Barista coffee maker, but we do have our wonderful Corningware electric percolator, which in spite of its simplicity produces an equally amazing dark elixir each morning.  It is an extremely rare occurrence to find me without coffee in my hand first thing in the morning.

Sometimes that routine is interrupted, but usually there is a cup of coffee somewhere in the near future. I'm reminded of a time years ago when we still owned our 1987 Fleetwood Tioga Class C motorhome we were on a weekend camping trip at a local State Park named Chino Hills State Park.  I got up Saturday morning to make the coffee and found we had forgotten the COFFEEOur location had us about 4 miles from the nearest Starbucks via a dirt road, and we had no car with us. TLE was not yet up, so I found a backpack and rode my mountain bike out of the park to the local Starbucks, filled our Starbucks Barista carafe, and then rode 4 miles back to the motorhome.  As I arrived TLE was just getting up....perfect timing.  Anyway, I say that to illustrate how serious I am about having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

Our 1987 Fleetwood Tioga Class C at Chino Hills State Park back 
in April 29th of 2006

So, after all that blather, what went on Friday?  Well, it rained all day long, sometimes quite hard, and we did not go anywhere, or do anything.  I made it out to the trailer a few times to retrieve this, or that, but really spent the entire day reading with random naps thrown in for good measure.  The rain finally abated around 5 pm, and Saturday promised some sun, and warmer appears we will have 4, or 5 days with temps in the 70's this week.

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