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Friday, October 24, 2014

Bottoming out....

First thing Thursday when I was sure the rain was gone for a while I went outside to try and figure out why the seal around the rear window was leaking.  Sometimes the cause, or source of leaks is just obvious, but often they are not, and it takes a lot of 'digging' to figure out where the leak is in relation to where the water ingresses.  In the case of the rear window the source, or cause was obvious, and I found it within seconds of climbing to the top of the small step stool.  Where the two ends of the gasket join together at the bottom of the window there was a gap.  I'm sure over 32 years that gasket has shrunk up a little, but whatever the reason is for the gap, there it was as plain as the nose on one's face.

My normal procedure is to clean the area where I think the leak is and then apply some marine grade clear caulk, but in this case everything is wet, and I am sure there is moisture remaining in the window track, so instead of applying caulk, I used 3M's 'green' masking tape which is water proof and will stay in place for months if necessary.  I will leave the tape in place and then when we get to Nevada where it is much dryer I'll pull it off and let everything dry out before applying the caulking.  Before applying the tape I wiped off the moisture and used paper towels to 'wick' out the moisture from the window track as best I could, then used TLE's hair dryer to dry the surface all the way around the window before applying the tape.  It will be raining several more times before we depart, so we'll monitor the area to see if the tape is doing its job.

Thursday we had the 'bottom shift' at the lighthouse so we arrived just after 12:30 to relieve Paul and Nina who had the 'top shift'.  In all we had 45 visitors at the Greeting Center, and 44 of them paid for, and took the tour to the top from 10 am to 3:15 pm, and even though there were not that many people it did not seem like it.  Instead of groups of 4, or 5 we had 'groups' of 1, or 2, which provided a nice flow during the afternoon, and very quickly the last few people were leaving the lighthouse, and we were closing down at 3:15.  We were home by 3:29........not too bad.

We watched TNF which pitted the Denver Broncos against the San Diego Chargers with the Broncos prevailing 35-21.  I know I have some friends who are avid Charger fans, and all I can say is "condolences" to y'all.  

The rain held off all afternoon, and into the early morning hours Friday, but as I write it has stopped for the time being.

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