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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

First Saturday - Last things

Monday we officially said "until next time" to Paul, Nina and Polly who rolled their wheels for the first time in two months about mid morning for points north.....you all will be missed....hope to hook up with you in a few weeks!

It was a beautiful day for driving, and the perfect day for packing up to leave.....unfortunately it appears that will be the last dry day this week.......

......as a result of the weather forecast (and don't I hope it is a little bit wrong!) I began packing up for our Friday afternoon departure on Monday.  There is nothing I dislike more than leaving a campsite in the rain, but there is no point in waiting another day, or two when the forecast shows rain for the next 10 days!

By 11:30 I had done quite a bit of work outside (with TLE's help) in putting away the outside stuff, and had done a lot inside the trailer to get it ready to receive the VW on Friday, so we decided to drive north to Bandon one more time for a few 'last things'.  One of the 'last things' for us was to have lunch at Tony's Crab Shack (fish tacos for moi, and crab cakes for TLE).....these fish tacos with a little 'Slap Ya Mama' sprinkled on  for good measure will make you weak in the knees.

Fish tacos with 'Slap Ya Mama' hot sauce....OMG!

 One last view of the Coquille River Lighthouse

After lunch we walked around town visiting a few of the shops before heading back to the car and drive just up the street to 'Face Rock Creamery' for some more of their wonderful ice cream.

You know how back in your workaday life when you were on vacation and you always wished you had a few more days to revisit all your favorite places, but there just wasn't time?  Living for 2 months in one place is one of the benefits of the nomadic lifestyle, and gives you all the time in the world to visit, and revisit your favorite spots as oft as you wish.....and that is what we did this day.  After our ice cream fix we headed for Ray's Food Place to stock up on a few items, and then began our trek back south to the Cape, but not before stopping one 'last time' at our favorite junk shop.  There was nothing this day that we could not live without, but it was cool to walk down the isles looking at their junk.  Next up we stopped at the Langlois Market to buy the rest of their Samuel Adams 22 oz. Organic Chocolate Stout.

We were back by 4 pm, and whist TLE put away our spoils from Ray's Food Place I headed back out to the trailer to continue putting stuff away, and by 5:30 it was pretty much ready to receive the VW on Friday.

Of course, it was Monday and means MNF (Monday Night Football) and on this particular evening MNF pitted the Washington Red Skins against the Dallas Cowboys.  It was a very close game, and actually went to overtime with both teams tied at 20-20......the Redskins prevailed, in the end, 23-20.  The game could have gone either way.....condolences to my numerous Dallas Cowboy friends.

We spent the rest of the evening watching Scorpion, NCIS L.A., and then Castle before heading to bed just before midnight......another day lived well with no regrets.

Thanks for stopping by!

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