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Friday, October 31, 2014

Bottoms up!

Thursday was our last bottom shift here at Cape Blanco.  Before reporting for our shift at 12:30 I finished the last of the things that needed to be done before our wheels roll Friday.....dump the black tank, put away the sewer hose, put the remaining firewood in the back of the VW, and then finish organizing the trailer.  By 9 am all that was done, and we were getting dressed for our shift.

The wind was blowing steadily at 25-30 mph when we arrived at the lighthouse.....just another normal day at the Cape, huh?  Bryan and Judy finished up the tours they were conducting, and then we took over the bottom shift once more.  Our last tour finished just at 3:15, and we were home by 3:30.........I had to take one last picture of our Lighthouse Host sign with all of the beach combing spoils we have collected over 8 weeks.......some pretty cool driftwood, rope and stuff!

We headed over to Bryan and Judy's 5th wheel around 5 pm for drinks and dinner......we haven't been able to get together too much while they have been here, but I was really glad we got to spend a few hours with them, and, of course, having Judy's wonderful enchiladas for dinner was the cap to a great evening.  Bryan and Judy cruised the Caribbean and Pacific for years in their 40+ foot sailboat, and now are cruising the USA with their 5th wheel.  They regaled us with many interesting sailing stories over the course of the evening.  We look forward to meeting up with them again on the road somewhere......we'll say our 'until next times' Friday when they come to relieve us after we serve our 'top shift'.

We were home in time to watch the end of TNF in which the Saints beat the Panthers handily 28-10, and then watched 'Bones' and 'Elementary' before heading off to bed.......Friday we will disconnect the coach and drive it over to the gate where we will park it while we work the 'top shift' once last time, then it is south and east to Sparks, NV!

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