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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Top to Bottom...

A few weeks ago Paul and Nina switched a couple of shifts with us enabling us to drive up to Spokane to visit my mother.  Wednesday was the day we began to reciprocate that kindness, which meant we would work both the 'top' and 'bottom' shifts, and what a mystical feel this day had.  We arrived at the gate just before 10 am, and were up in the lighthouse by 10......we woke up to a fog, and the same condition continued as we opened for business......we could not see the greeting center from the lighthouse initially, but over the 5+ hours the fog came and went.....


.....it rolled in and out at about the same rate as the visitors did.....in all we had about 20 people take the tour to the 'lantern room', and before we knew it we were done with our last tour about 3 pm, and home by 3:20.....about as easy as it gets.


Whenever we get within a few days of rolling our wheels we tend to spend our time in anticipation of that day, and tend to become home bodies.  We've already done most of the packing and organizing that needs to be done on Monday, so now it is just a matter of executing our extraction from the gravitational pull of the "White Cape".

Of course, we watched game 7 of this year's installment of the World Series in which the Giants prevailed 3-2 with their ace pitcher, Madison Bumgarner, pitching 5 shutout innings to close out the game.  This was one of the truly historic performances by any pitcher ever in the World Series....he was credited with the win in three of the four games the Giants won to clinch the title.

We watched 'Survivor', and then TLE watched several recorded cooking shows before we called it a night......Friday afternoon we roll!

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