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Saturday, October 25, 2014

The countdown has begun......

As I sit here at the keyboard the howling winds are gusting to 78 mph.....the coach is being buffeted side to side, and occasionally it feels as if we are in the throws of a 7.1 earthquake of sustained duration.   I had to go outside around 5:45 am and lower the driver's side window awnings to prevent them from being damaged.  I guess this is just a 'peek' for us at what it must be like to live here on the Cape during the winter......OMG.......just had a gust at 94 mph!  I'm pretty sure the lighthouse will not be opening for business today.

As the title would suggest, we are in the final 10 days of our stay here.  We will serve our last shift at the lighthouse (barring overly windy conditions) on October 31st, and roll our wheels south and east on November 1st, arriving in the Reno, NV area sometime in the early afternoon on the 2nd.

Our Friday 'top shift' began with almost no wind, and a lot of rain.  In all we entertained 13 visitors to the 'lantern room' before Bryan relieved us at 12:30.

A few days ago we ordered several items from Amazon.com using our 'Prime" account, and I was getting text messages all morning advising me of the shipping status........by 1 pm they all showed the status as "DELIVERED".  Within a couple of hours one of the Rangers was knocking on our door with our packages (2 bottles of 'Slap Ya' Mama' hot sauce, 2 bottles of 'Dat'l Do It' hot sauce, a pressure washer, two 2 pound bags of San Francisco Coffee beans, etc.)....all shipped via the 2 day free shipping option......ordered Wednesday morning and here Friday afternoon!  If you are not currently an Amazon Prime member you should check it out!

It stopped raining around 2:30 and we decided to take a walk down to 'south beach' around 3 before the next storm came in.  We even saw a little blue sky as we walked down to the beach......

First we walked north and then back south......all in all about 3.5 miles over 2 hours walking along one of our favorite deserted beaches ever.

We were back in time to watch the beginning of game three of this year's World Series between the Royals and Giants.....the Royals prevailed again 3-2.  We watched 'The Amazing Race', and were in bed by 10:30.

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