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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The day between the storms.....

Since we had 3 days off in succession we decided, Tuesday, to drive south along the coast as far as Brookings.  We were off by 10:20 cruising south on HWY 101 along the awesome Oregon Coast.  The posted speed limit on HWY 101 is 55, which is the perfect cruising speed for enjoying the scenery.

We stopped for a few minutes at this turnout just south of Gold Beach to take some pictures of the ubiquitous 'sea stacks'.....the following picture is courtesy of The Lovely Elaine.

We arrived in Brookings just after Noon, and stopped at the local Fred Meyers Supermarket to use their bathroom, plus their parking lot is perfectly situated in the middle of town so we just left the car there and walked.  Neither of us had had  breakfast so our first order of business was to find a suitable place for lunch.  We both opened our Yelp apps on our phones and both came to the same conclusion almost immediately.....the 'Vista Pub' was .2 miles from Fred Meyers, and has a 4.5 star rating from Yelp based on 117 reviews.

Our server asked what kind of beer we liked, and we both said "dark"......she replied..."how about our 'Monstermash' draft beer from  Lompoc Brewing out of Bend, OR.....it is a 'smoked imperial chocolate stout'.......".......in unison we replied......"2 pints, please!".  We also ordered one bowl each of their beer cheese soup which comes with a strip of nicely done bacon floating in this creamy, luxurious elixir, and then split a 'Chicken Caesar Salad'.  In our books this place lives up to its 4.5 rating.

The 'beer cheese soup'

After lunch we walked around town checking out the local thrift shops which were mostly closed on this Tuesday, however, we spent a lot of time in a place called "The Market Place" and I found this cool sign I'm going to save for my friend Tom McCloud.

Looks like I'm getting ready to 'walk the plank'

We were back in the car driving back north around 2, and decided to stop at one of the numerous vista points to check out the natural bridges.

The walk down to the platform where you can easily see the two natural bridges is probably 200 yards at most, and it is well worth the stop.  Just as we were getting ready to walk back to the car I noticed an intrepid hiker had walked out on one of the bridges.......not me coach.  From a distance it looked like a person of the female variety.

 Our last stop was on the north end of Gold Beach near the Isaac Lee Patterson bridge finished and opened in 1932.......seriously, it does not look like it is 82 years old!  This is just one of many beautiful bridges on the Oregon Coast.

The drive south and north along the coast was wonderful, and was a great way to spend a day with my best friend.......

Thanks for stopping by!

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