Thursday, February 22, 2018

Desert View - Day 104 - The countdown......

7:51 am - Thursday - February 22nd - Grand Canyon - 8º F, humidity 79%, wind 2 mph out of the west by southwest......partly cloudy with a forecast high of 35º F.  It is Thursday and we have two days off work.

Wednesday was our Friday.....actually more like Saturday, as it was our 6th consecutive day of work without a day off, but we needed to change our days off from Wednesday/Thursday to Thursday/Friday, so what are you going to do?

When I left to walk to work it was still single digits temp wise....I was bundled up with four layers against the bitter cold, plus I was wearing my snow boots for the first time this winter.  I should have worn them Tuesday as my toes were like small popsicles by the time I reached the General Store.  On this day my toes and I arrived at the store in good condition.

Since people had been tracking in melting snow all day Tuesday I spent the first 90 minutes Wednesday wet mopping up the mess.  It's kind of like "Why wash the dishes?  They're just going to get dirty again", and that was going through my mind as I mopped.  I knew that within an hour everything I was doing would be undone due to no fault of anyone, but it had to be done, right?

We actually had some customers before 9 am, and I was kept semi busy all morning before dropping $135.26.  As I was getting ready to pull my drawer the auditors from the main office showed up to count out each cash box in the back, including mine.  I couldn't go back there to count down my drawer while the auditors were there counting so I began counting down out at my cash register.....big mistake.  There are too many distractions out there, and I made several mistakes necessitating recounting my cash several times.  When I finally thought I was done, and had it right, I pulled the drawer out of the register and found two dimes and one nickle underneath the drawer........I had no idea if these coins had been included in my count, so I had to recount my dimes and nickles, and had to adjust my deposit amount (they were NOT included, as it turned out in my original count) from $135.01 to $135.26.  In all it took me 45 minutes to successfully count out my drawer, and I didn't clock out until 1:01 pm.

When it snows I do not walk through the forest as the trail becomes invisible, and it is easy to get lost.  I attempted to walk the trail Wednesday, but within a 100 yards of leaving the road I lost the trail so I retraced my steps and walked the road to work.  On my way home I was determined to attempt to walk the trail without getting lost, and this time I was successful.  For some reason the trail is more obvious to me outbound from the store than it is inbound.

Once again it was too cold to do anything outside, but I did spend time checking the heat tape on both the water spigots......for the first time in 6, or 7 weeks our water line froze.....not the heated hose, but at one of the spigots.  Everything seemed to be in order so I guess if it gets cold enough for long enough there is not much I can do about occasional freezing.  I keep our fresh water tank full when we are camped for a long time, so all I have to do is turn on the water pump and we have water until the line unfreezes, which it did about mid morning according to TLE.

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading and watching more Winter Olympics coverage.  TLE was home a little after 5:30 at which time we were officially beginning our 'weekend'.  I tried to stay up long enough to watch the entire women's hockey final between the USA and Canada, but by the beginning of the third period I was falling asleep in my chair, so I went to bed. At that time the USA was losing 2-1, and didn't look like they had enough left to win the game, but win they did in 'shootouts' after remaining tied through one overtime.  Congratulations USA!

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