Friday, February 23, 2018

Desert View - Day 105 - Weather Advisory

8:27 am - Friday - February 23rd - Grand Canyon - 20º F (feels like 12º), 88% humidity, wind 6 mph our of the west.....snowing for the last 4 hours....snow accumulation is about 4" so far on top of the 6" we had on Monday, and it is supposed to continue snowing until 5 pm.  Yep, winter has finally arrived here at the big GCNP*.....

The noise you hear is the heater fan's a good thing we don't have to go to work today as it would be a brutal walk.  We are under a 'Weather Advisory' until 5 pm.

We were up by 7:30 am....nice to sleep in past 5:15 am.....I ran through my morning ablutions and around 10 am I walked down Colter Lane to inspect RV site 4 where our friends, John and Lisa, would be staying in their 36' foot 5th wheel when they arrived later in the day.  We had gotten permission from the housing folks for them to stay in one of the empty employee sites while they were here as the next nearest campground is 25 miles away at the South Rim Village, and with a snow storm coming in they would probably not be able to make the drive over to see us.  The electric was on, but no water was coming out of the spigot....I suspected the pipe had frozen.  I wasn't sure if we could move them to site 5,6 or 7 so I sent Lisa a message that they needed to arrive with a full fresh water tank just in case.  I would need to talk with someone in housing to see if we could move them to one of the other sites where the water was working, but couldn't do that until the afternoon.

I had another followup doctor's appointment in Flagstaff at 1:45 pm so we were out the door and on our way south by 12 pm arriving at the doctor's office by 1:20 pm.  The skies were clear and the scenery was, as always, spectacular.  I was finished with my doctor's appointment a little after 3 pm so we headed down to the local Fry's Supermarket to do some shopping.....seems like we are always shopping, right?  Once we were done there we headed over to the local North Country Medical Center (the same people who run the Grand Canyon Clinic over at the Village) to renew my  blood pressure medication prescription (lisinopril)....this time I asked if I could renew it for 90 days and was told cost for a 90 day supply was $10!  I can renew it one more time for another 90 days, but will  probably have to have i transferred at some point to SoCal as we will not be in Flagstaff in 90 days. 

I had been getting instant messages all day from Lisa updating me on their ETA and it looked like they would be passing through Cameron about the same time we would on our way home from Flagstaff.  We left Flagstaff around 4 pm, and were in Cameron about 4:45.  We had decided to go through the 'Drive Through' at the local Burger King to get dinner and while we were getting our hamburgers I got a message from Lisa they were leaving Cameron to go up the hill to Desert View.  As I turned around in the car I saw their 5th at the gas station right next to the Burger King....what timing!

I forgot to mention that while I was waiting to see my doctor I  called Scott in the housing department and got permission to move John and Lisa to site #5, but wasn't sure if the water was working in those sites either.  After exchanging greetings with John and Lisa we left them to top off their diesel tank and headed up the hill.  Our first stop after arriving at Desert View was to check the water in sites 5, 6 and 7 and found that the water was working in all three so I sent Lisa a message to take site #5.  We had barely unloaded the groceries when I got a final message from Lisa saying they had just passed through the park gates so I jumped in the VW and went to site #5 just in time to see them getting ready to back into the site......perfect!

I left them to setting up their RV with the promise they would come over as soon as they were done setting up things.  They were knocking on our door  a little after 6 pm, and we sat talking for about an hour before they decided to head home for the night.....they had a long day of driving.  Always so great to visit with good friends with more visiting to come!

We watched the women's figure skating finals (long program).....all the USA skaters fell during their routines and finished off the medals.  Two Russians finished 1st and 2nd and they truly deserved the their medals.....perfectly executed programs......something we used to associate with the USA women.....sigh.

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*GCNP = Grand Canyon National Park


  1. Hey Clark and you guys are really getting the snow. So awesome you friends were able to come and visit and they made it without to much trouble considering how the weather has turned out. #5 spot is a great spot, that was my old space LOL.

  2. Did you guys get the email I sent a few weeks ago. Been following your page and keeping up on the news there. Hard to believe how the time is flying by already. Tell everyone I said hello.